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Run for the hills! 0

The concept fo Need For Speed The Run is both great and terrible. Driving from one end of America to another is a great idea and it keeps the game fresh with no repeated tracks. Having a douchbag of a lead character and a story you won’t care about equipped with quick time events, is quite the opposite. Read on for the full verdict…VisualsThe Run is both beautiful and ugly. The lighting is brilliant, the landscapes mouth-watering, and the things that happen around you can be brilliant chaos, suc...

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Dont Take An Arrow In The Knee, Play This Game 0

24 hours and 31 minutes. In most games that would mean I had played the game to the fullest. I would probably have completed the game on numerous difficulties, and got to a high rank in on-line multi-player. Oh and I’d probably also have all the collectibles and achievements/trophies. In Skyrim, 24 hours and 31 minutes is pathetic, I’ve not seen half of what the game has to offer. I’m still working on the main quest, still killing dragons, and I know that once I do beat the main story, theres at...

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I'll Be Go To Hell! 0

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves went down as one of the greatest games of all time, and certainly PS3′s greatest game. It was a huge step up from 2007′s Drakes Fortune. So, expectations were through the roof with the threequel, but have Naughty Dog delivered the goods?VisualsI say this about lots of games, but this is one of the best looking games on console. If you thought Among Thieves graphics were great, this is better in every respect. Naughty Dog continue their attention to detail, there are are...

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Its The Bats! 0

When Batman Arkham Asylum came out a couple of years ago, it’s fair to say, it surprised us all and got great critical acclaim. So, 2 years on, developers Rocksteady had to do something pretty special to follow it up. And that, they have.VisualsOne of the first things you’ll notice in the sequel is that it has had a huge visual overhaul. Arkham Asylum was by no means terrible to look at, just not the best there was, Arkham City however, is trying to be up there with the best. Batman himself look...

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The Surfaris suffice 1

Let’s start by keeping it simple. If you love Wipeout, you’re going to love Wipeout 2048. If you don’t, you won’t. It’s as easy as that. The formula hasn’t changed, you still race ridiculously named vehicular around ridiculous techno tracks from the future, while listening to techno music. If you’ve ever played Wipeout HD on the PS3, you’re going to know exactly what to expect here; weapons (both attack and defence), speed pads, techno voice overs, and speed pads aplenty. Don’t think this is a n...

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The future is bright, the future is gold 4

Playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we can't help but wonder what augmentations we'd like to have if they we're on offer. Adam Jensen's retractable arm blades would be high on the list (handy for chopping onions), along with his ballistic Typhoon ability (good for erm, mowing the lawn?) and then we have to stop to consider for a moment, the ethics of such a thing. A prequel to the first Deus Ex, Human Revolution takes place in 2027, a year not that far removed from where we are now and thus it's...

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Have a blast (of electricity) 0

inFamous 2 is the electric sequel to the original inFamous by Sucker Punch. The original was fun and fresh but lacked when it came to polish. Can inFamous 2 overwrite the originals problems, or will it be more of the problematic same? Read on to find out...  Story  Set in New Marais, Cole and Zeke are back, but this time, back with some new pals. In the original, characters were dull and non life-like. In the sequel however, Cole's new friends Kuo and Nix are perfectly crafted and they are chara...

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Hooning Is Not A Crime, But Dismissing This Game Is 2

When it comes to racing games, I'm more of an F1 kind of guy. So obviously, I was a big fan of Codemasters F1 2010. But now we are back in the DiRT series, back to true rally. It's time to get DiRTy...  Visuals: When you look at DiRT2, you will notice that it is a great looking game for 2009, even to this day. When your first race at Finland in DiRT3 loads up, you'll notice a vast improvement. Correction, a huge improvement. Finland doesn't really show the best visuals DiRT3 has to offer, but de...

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So unforgiving, you'll just keep on trying. 2

Some people think racers are all the same, others think they are split into two categories; Simulation (more realistic) and Arcade (least realistic). Well I think that there are some games out there that are just in a unique class of their own. One of them is Motorstorm Apocalypse from Evolution Studios.When you first boot up the game (after you’ve completed that all exciting download), you’ll be kicked into a prologue/tutorial race (so long as you chose Festival mode in the main menu). You don’...

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Fast & Furious 0

After Criterion’s successful take on the Need For Speed franchise with Hot Pursuit, Slightly Mad Studios had big boots to fill for the sequel to their critically acclaimed, Need For Speed Shift. And fill them, they did.If you ever played Hot Pursuit, you’ll know that it is very arcadey. Don’t go into Shift 2 Unleashed hoping for the same. This time, it’s not about evading the cops, it’s about getting across the finish line first in the cleanest, tidiest manner possible. Think this all sound far ...

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Be strong, be fast, be motherf***ing badass! 1

It is easy to ignore FPS's nowadays. Many don't match the qualities of Call Of Duty (take Homefront for example). But this one is very different. Why? Because it doesn't try to be Call Of Duty. It doesn't need to, developers Crytek have made there very own unique game. And it's pretty sweet.You've probably heard before, but the graphics are top-notch. I'd seen screenshots prior to release, but you have to see it to believe it. I knew it was going to look stunning, but at the beginning of the gam...

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Home is where the online isn't 0

Homefront is a game that looked so promising. In some ways it is, but in more way than one, it isn't. You see, it's a good game and would be accepted as one, if the stakes were low. Shame they were high then, because it's not quite what you thought it would be.  You start off the single-player campaign in a small room. The radios on, all is peaceful, until theres a knock on the door. As you go to answer it, it is kicked open and you are pinned against the wall, chucked down the stairs and onto a...

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No more than a Test Drive 0

No more than a Test DriveTest Drive Unlimited 2 is a game that looked to make the start of 2011 a brilliant one. We already had LittleBigPlanet 2 and Dead Space 2, but can TDU2 (Test Drive Unlimited 2) deliver the goods?I'll start where the game starts: Every thing is 'hunky dory', your in Ibiza partying in the sun. Your asked which of the six characters you want to play as. All of them are downright ugly so I just chose the first one. Your quickly put into a cut-scene and you'll notice straight...

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Another Splendid Adventure 0

Developers: Media Molecule Publishers: SONY   It just wouldn't be LittleBigPlanet without Stephen Fry would it? No, it wouldn't, and he's back to present to you the marvellous LittleBigPlanet 2 (and it's everything you wanted it to be.) When the sequel was first announced, I was a little worried, I wondered how the guys and gals over at Mm could improve the game and I thought it was just going to be a repeat of LBP1. Turn's out, I needn't have worried at all. Now I think about it, of course I sh...

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The excitement doesn't live until the end 0

Enslaved Odyssey To The West Review Age Rating - 16+ (T) Release Date - US October 5, UK October 8  Story Aaah, Enslaved Odyssey To The West, a game that promises so much but doesn't live up to the expectations all the way to the end. You start off the game in a 'pod'. Monkey (You) tries to escape but can't, then there is a little explosion that has no effect at all and Monkey finds his way out of his pod and so the game begins. Your put into a simple, but enjoyable tutorial. Learning how to jum...

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You've gotta Reach for Noble team 0

Halo Reach is a highly anticipated game. Most people have Halo 3, some have Halo3 ODST, but you simply have to have this one.  Single-Player: Campaigns in Halo games have always been known to have great missions and great cutscenes and the like. Halo Reach is no different. Your Noble Six, the latest addition to Noble Team. You see yourself joining the team and you start off in a Falcon and fly somewhere with wind turbines. That leads you into the first mission. In other Halo's you haven't really...

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The beautiful game just got a little bit better 0

 Be A Goalkeeper But not all that much.  It's a funny old game. Every year there's a new football game (or two). It's as if EA Sports are forced to make another football game or something terrible might happen. David Rutter getting sniped in the head or something like that. And this years no different. FIFA 11 trots along and it certainly doesn't dissapoint. But it also doesn't impress much more than FIFA 10 would.   So last year the 'new thing' was 360 Degrees dribbling, which was a major s...

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Takes the piss out of MW2, mainly Haggard. 0

Once upon a time there was and still is a Call Of Duty series. And once upon another time there was a Battlefield series. These are quite similar. DICE have always tried to take some of Infinity Wards ideas. In some cases, they have succeeded. In others, they've failed. Come on now DICE admit it. You didn't think of those levels yourself now did you? The first level. Hmmm... It reminds me of Semper Fi On World At War. Then there's the desert looking rather like Afghanistan in MW2. But whats more...

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Fan of Green Day? Get it. Not a fan? Don't. 2

It's quite simple really. If you like Green Day then this is a reasonable title for you to pick up. If your not a fan and you really hate the music, don't get it. Obviously.  Green Day Rockband is the 3rd Rockband band specific title. (Yes, i'm including AC/DC LIVE Rockband.) After the Beatles it had a lot to live up to. But well.. It didn't.  What is it we love about The Beatles game so much? Well, it has history. Green Day game doesn't really have any videos at all and you could learn more abo...

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Adios Amigo 0

Wait... Just Cause 2? Since when was there a Just Cause 1? I can tell you that back in the early days when i didn't have a 360 Just Cause was one of the first games out for the Box and it was a massive hit. So is Just Cause 2 (The sequel if you don't know what 2 means) good enough to beat Just Cause 1 (That's the 1st one).  Hell yeah! Just Cause 2 is one of the most time consuming games you'll ever play and that is not a negative. This is a world with tons to do in it, eg. Story missions (althou...

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The Boys Are Back In Town 2

Come on guys, its a Rockstar game. Yes, Red Dead Redemption is from the makers of the great GTA IV so it must be awesome right? Right!  Red Dead Redemption is a game that brings the genre of the good ol' western back to life and it does it perfectly. Westerns aren't normally that great but Red Dead is stunning.    Your a character called John Marston who is a cowboy out to kill. To kill two main targets: Javier Escuela and Bill Williamson. John has a family back home on the farm, a wife named A...

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Alan ... Wake up. 0

Alan Wake, have you heard of the name? Many haven't, but after playing this you'll remember it forever. Alan Wake is a game made by Remedy exclusive to Xbox 360. Haha suck on that PS3. It is a game that is quite unique, you don't often run around with a torch everywhere in a video game. What is Alan Wake? Alan Wake is a man so you should've asked "Who is Alan Wake?" But no matter. Alan Wake is a writer, in the game he goes on holiday (vacation) to try and get away from his work, although it does...

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Is conviction another great Clancy game? 0

The Splinter Cell series has been going on for some time now. It's been rather awkward. There were hits like Chaos Theory and dips like Double Agent. Is the next long-awaited splinter cell good enough to top the list?  Is this game worth it since I have been waiting for it for so long? We hear you ask, (god damn delays). The answer is yes. Splinter Cell Conviction lives up to it's expectations. Sam Fisher is back and is working with Victor Coste and get back at Third Echelon. You will start...

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