Awesome Video Game Music: Quickies 6

Uncharted franchise: Nate’s Theme

When I think of the Uncharted games, I primarily think of fun, action filled adventures driven by a lovable cast of endearing characters. That’s a lot of what I get out of the series’ primary theme song, Nate’s Theme, as well. The rolling drums and bold horns certainly speak of high adventure, and the strings give a nice touch that hints at the series’ more subtle, character driven moments. The pacing of the song dips up and down to great effect, and some of the chords are quite beautiful. A great theme for a great series.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike: Tag Power

I really like a lot of the music from the Advance Wars series, with each CO having their own awesome, catchy theme. Dual Strike’s Tag Power theme is kind of my guilty pleasure among them. Every time I activated a tag power I couldn’t resist cranking up the volume for this song. It harnesses all the energy and personality that defines the series’ tone, and cranks it up to 11. That it accompanies the most thrilling moments of gameplay only adds to the excitement, and this is one of those songs that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Final Fantasy IX: You’re Not Alone

You’re Not Alone is one of the pinnacle tracks on Final Fantasy IX’s fantastic soundtrack. It begins with a steady beat accompanied by a low hum. It's a nice contrast to the quiet melody that soon kicks in, and this melody continues to get more prominent as the song goes on. Forceful drums step in to supplement the the main beat, and something akin to an electric guitar take over the song’s melody, along with even more chanting. By constantly layering in more instruments and melodies, You’re Not Alone produces a dramatic buildup that punctuates one of the game’s most dramatic scenes, and also sounds pretty darn awesome on its own.

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