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@beghead: I also really liked the music in Wolfenstein! I especially liked some of the really gritty, dirty tracks like Prototype. That was one of the games that was right on the edge of this list!

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Nice list Marino! I really like everything on here that I've played. And I'll be joining you with Theatrhythm in my top 5, whenever I manage to finalize my list! :)

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Nice write-up- it's useful to see a detailed, alternate take on Inquisition. Given my lack of free time right now, I wasn't even considering trying Inquisition anytime soon, but I've been curious about it. Despite all the praise it's gotten, I've still had this fear that it is a needlessly long RPG that resorts to a lot of filler and repetitive combat. I got tired of DA Origins before it finished, and this game seems even longer, with perhaps even less interesting combat. Even if I had free time I'd still be on the fence about it, and your review makes me think some of my fears may not be unfounded.

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I really wish DA:I had a gambit system like Final Fantasy Xii did, I think that would have helped the party AI tremendously. They kinda had a very stripped down one, but it's not nearly sophisticated enough to have Ai be anything other than a liability.

I've found myself wishing games had something like FFXII's gambit system on way too many occasions (Xenoblade Chronicles and Ni no Kuni being prime examples). It baffles me how that game did it so well, and then seemingly every other game has gone on to ignore it (or do a poor job at implementing something like it).

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Nice list Mento! 2014 is a weird year to try and make a list for... I'm going to have a tricky time myself. It might not get done until January either, as I'm going to wait until I get through a few key games left on my plate. But I liked every game on your list I've played, and how crazy is it that Wolfenstein turned out so well? Might be my surprise of the year.

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@mento: I noticed that too! It also took me a bit, but as I neared the end of Wolfenstein, I started noticing the music. There's a few cool songs in there, including the ones you point out (thanks for the links!) It's definitely in that batch of "maybes" that I'm going to have to sort out in my mind before long.

@slag: Hey Slag! I'm actually playing Hero Academy on Steam (I somehow don't own a single iOS device), but either way, I'm definitely late to it. From what I played the simplicity was appealing, and there also seems to be some depth there. I very well might try it later if I can (I got a double pack and gave the other copy to my brother, so we might go at it someday).

In retrospect, that FPS statement sounds a lot harsher than I meant it to :P The sentiment is accurate, but perhaps expressed too severely. I'm with you though, most of the shooters that I like (which include Borderlands and Far Cry) do something else on top of the shooting. I've played enough shooters that do basic shooting very well, and feel like I need something more to make it worth it. That's not to say I think standard FPSes are bad, I just personally need something else to pull me in, something to make it stand out from the (large) pack. And yeah, you're probably right about cross posting to the forums! I tend to prefer fewer, more level headed comments/conversations (why I don't cross post), and that especially helps me out in cases like this :)

Finally, there's no way I'm getting through my December game plan! I'm always way too ambitious though, so why stop now? :P

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@mento: I've been thinking about that recently (in addition to my regular GOTY list). That list is going to be tough this year, as not many games have had soundtracks that stood out to me in 2014. On top of that, games like Theatrhythm and Smash Bros. have great music, but I too have reservations about nominating them. As you said, while it is great stuff, it's also all recycled music. Then again, I recognized A Link Between Worlds last year, and that's all remixed from A Link to the Past... so I don't know :)

Once again the indies shine bright: Transistor, The Banner Saga, and Shovel Knight all have fantastic soundtracks. Then there's DKC Tropical Freeze's soundtrack, which is absolutely wonderful. Those are the obvious ones in my mind that I've played, and I'm going to wait until I play a handful more games (my end of year lists might be a little delayed this year due to school) to solidify any lists. I have a modest group of additional games I'm considering, but 2014's crop is certainly not nearly as impressive as the past few years...

@frontman12: Hey man! I've heard that Far Cry 4 isn't offering much new, but I also liked the core of Far Cry 3 enough to warrant a second go at it, a victory lap if you will (I likely enjoyed FC3 more than you as well). I like the environments and situations they create, which all leads to a bunch of dumb/fun scenarios, and that's pretty much what I'm looking for... new or not, it sounds like a fun romp :) It could all be a bust, but I'll take that gamble this time. Sorry it wasn't a good time for you! Hopefully you're playing other things you're digging more :)

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@slag: Thanks Slag! I was pretty amused when the community polls were going on, and Dark Souls and Mass Effect 2 were the top two. I was already thinking at that point that those were my two favorites as well (I had a hard time picking between them actually), so I definitely seem to be in sync with Giant Bomb on that topic :)

That said, a few of the games on here are almost certainly more particular/personal tastes, and Elite Beat Agents is one of them. I got incredibly hooked on that game, and have no reservations about saying it's my favorite rhythm game I've played to date. I think it's a combination of things, but primarily, I really like rhythm games, and EBA is the first one I played that felt that smooth and responsive. Auxiliary controllers, like plastic guitars or dance pads, always feel clunky and uncomfortable to me, and traditional buttons almost feel too limiting for rhythm games. The touch controls of EBA were simple, effective, and also managed to allow for some genuine finesse (as opposed to feeling like a glorified QTE). Touch and motion controls were a huge theme during the past generation, and in a way I think EBA might have made the single best argument for why those controls are worth considering.

The game was also pretty damn challenging- what it lacked in sheer quantity of songs, it made up for by making those songs extremely challenging and rewarding, and I replayed them over and over until I got perfect scores on each and every song on the highest difficulty- probably one of my most noteworthy gaming feats ever :) Not everybody would get into that, but it really hooked me, and the feel of the touch controls made it a blast. Finally, I really like the game's quirky style and sense of humor. The scenarios and songs it presents are pretty hilarious at times, and the game never deviates from trying to be a ridiculously fun rhythm game above all else. It's not trying to forcefully simulate an action like playing a guitar, or pay tribute to certain music, or get bogged down in clunky, complicated systems. Its fun and challenge are derived entirely from the rhythm itself, and I think that makes it one of the purest and most genuine examples of the genre out there.

Anyway, there's my take on Elite Beat Agents :) If you like rhythm games and have a DS and/or 3DS, I think it's worth a shot, though I also recognize it definitely won't be to everyone's tastes. One Alex Navarro gave it a pretty glowing review on GameSpot back in the day as well, if you want to check that out!

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@slag: I blame school for my delayed response :P I actually did burn myself out temporarily at one point early last year, because I did tend to sit down and write a lot all at once too often. So I took a few months off to recharge, realized I needed to come up with a more sustainable way of writing, and this is what I came up with. Excluding school being busy, I think it's worked for me so far :)

I also really liked Far Cry 3 a lot more than I thought I would! I'm pretty excited for Far Cry 4 at the moment, and hope they can continue to push what made 3 so fun. Costume Quest was also a solid "my first RPG" kind of game. I won't say I loved it, but I did enjoy it overall, and I bet I would have really been into it if I had played it when I was younger. Like you said, I'm glad quality games like that do get made for kids.

I can't say I'd recommend Dragon Age 2 very much... but there is something to said for seeing it for yourself I suppose. If you do pick up Lords of the Fallen someday, please let me know! I've been curious about that one, and can't decide if it's worth the investment, given everything else there is to play.

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@slag: I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so it does take me quite a while to type these up. Most months I actually start typing it about halfway through the month. By then I usually have at least one game under my belt to talk about. Then I continue to slowly add to it and refine it over the second half of the month, ultimately sitting down for a final review/editing session before posting. When I first type up my thoughts for each game, I tend to just kind of let everything out. Then the editing part, which is probably the biggest time sink, is mostly me trying to cut out as much of the fat as possible, and make sure the wording and flow is satisfactory. It adds up over the course of the month to be quite a few hours.

This month I simply didn't have the time to start early, so I ended up doing it in a single sitting this past weekend. Therefore I just wrote a bullet point or single paragraph for each game containing the main points, and moved on. I don't think it's my best writing by any stretch, but it was either that or not do it at all. I'm almost halfway through this intense 1 year grad program, and am already starting to look forward to having some real gaming time again in a few months :)

Out of curiosity, what "old" games have you been playing? Anything stand out that you're really digging?

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Get well soon duder :-/