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@slag: Of all the recent "rogue-likes", Spelunky is easily the one I've played and enjoyed the most. It does feel more skill-based than the others, which I appreciate, and when I die it usually does feel fair. But there's still always some amount of "luck"- different item and level layouts are going to help or hinder your cause to varying degrees. Sometimes I can bumble and/or brute force my way through a level unscathed, and sometimes I can play well and still have a super hard time. In other words, in my time with the game I don't feel like how well I'm playing is directly analogous with my results, which is I guess the main idea. I'd like to feel that if I'm playing better, I'll have better results, and vice versa. While that's more true in Spelunky than these other games, I don't think it's universal, and that can bum me out at times.

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I tend to agree with you that I generally want to feel in control, as it feels like a game is disrespecting my time when it applies random effects to my experience to a point where my input feels greatly diminished. Most of these games have a skill component, as you pointed out, but I value my time too much to feel good about spending it on a game I could play for an hour, only to have something out of my control end it on the spot. I can accept when I make a mistake; that I don't consider wasted time, as I will learn and improve from that. But there's diminishing returns when combating pure randomness (you can only improve your odds so much with skill), and I rarely feel like it's worth my time.

On the other hand, I know people who love randomness because it makes every time they play the game feel "unique", and that makes it more replayable. In some ways, I agree with wanting each playthrough of a game to feel unique, even if I don't care a ton about "replayability" (I'm usually a "play through a game once" kind of person). But reducing the player's control seems like a lazy, disrespectful way to do it to me.

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@slag said:

I have that too, and notifications don't alert me to anything than replies right now. New Blogs, reviews, lists etc don't show up at all.

I've had this same issue for the past 2-3 weeks. I'm not getting new notifications showing up, even when I know they should be.

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Yea, get a Wii U. It has way more games and they look beautiful.

I haven't counted, but I'm 99% sure the 3DS has more games :P

Anyway, I've had both for a while, and while the Wii U is gaining some steam, I still think the 3DS is way ahead. It simply has more, better games: great JRPGs as others have mentioned like Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, adventure games like Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton and Zero Escape, Nintendo Staples like Zelda and Animal Crossing, puzzle games like Picross and Pushmo, and even some wonderful quirky games like Theatrhythm. It also has Mario 3D Land to match the Wii U's 3D World, Mario Kart 7 to match the Wii U's MK8, and both systems are getting Smash (which granted, will likely be better on Wii U, but still). Plus, if you've never owned a regular DS, you have access to that entire library, which may be one of the best library of games any system has ever had.

All of that said, there are some specific Wii U things like ZombiU and Pikmin that are cool, Smash will likely be better on Wii U, and the Wii certainly had a few gems you could play if you never had a Wii. It really depends on what you're looking for, but if the general baseline thing you want is quantity of quality games, the 3DS feels like the winner to me.

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I've played almost all the Mario Karts, and I think MK64 is the only bad one. Those controls just didn't do it for me, they were too slippery. I think it took them two tries to get the cart handling feeling right in a 3D MK game. And the courses I thought were pretty dull too (which bums me out even more because MK8 has more MK64 retro courses than any other MK game).

Also, while we're disproving the "Mario Kart Alpha Theory", my first was Super Kart, but my favorite is Double Dash! (MK8 could displace it eventually, time will tell).

Edit: I wouldn't be surprised if most people's favorite Mario Kart is simply the one they could play the most with friends.

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Nice read. I've always been fascinated at what different people get out of games, and tend to agree that the different ways that different people approach games can speak volumes to their own values and/or personalities. There's all sorts of other factors to consider of course: an easy example is how achievements can be used to incentivise certain player behaviors, as @slag mentioned, which could perhaps alter the player's real natural behavior. But then again, maybe analyzing whether someone hunts for achievements or not says something equally worthwhile.

At any rate, I've always felt that video game are a much more complex medium to analyze due to player interaction, and that by comparing them to movies, books, comics, etc. as often as we do, we limit how we think about them and what they're capable of as an expressive medium. I think more of us are starting to think differently about games over time, both designers (many indies for example are doing really interesting things) and players/writers (like yourself) alike, and that has me pretty excited to see where we head in the future!

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That's quite the turnaround Dan! I've never liked the Safari Zone in Red/Blue; I don't think the mechanics there are fun to engage with, and add even more luck to Pokemon catching. But in this case it turned out to be a boon, and I'm glad you found a cutter! I don't remember how much more you need cut after this point, but maybe you can lock him away in a steel vault somewhere to prevent him from dying :)

Your team seems to be shaping up nicely though. I like all the Pokemon on it, and you seem to have good type coverage. Looking forward to continued adventures!

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Nice write-up! I've played every "core" Zelda game (we don't count the CDi ones right?), and finished all of them but the NES Zelda II. Spirit Tracks is easily my least favorite of the ones I've finished, and largely for the reasons you and others have mentioned. In addition to the often bad controls, I agree the overworld was turrrrible. Completely lifeless, and trains are boring. Thin, dull overworlds are something I felt were lackluster in Phantom Hourglass and Skyward Sword too, which had me feeling kind of down on Zelda for a bit, and Spirit Tracks was rock bottom in that regard. Fortunately A Link Between Worlds, I think, turned out pretty darn well, and has a really fun overworld in addition to everything else it pulls off.

On an other note, I agree with everyone who says Minish Cap is legit. No idea how it would hold up today, but I highly enjoyed it when it came out. I think it kind of got overlooked because it came out on the GBA after the DS was already out (in North America at least)... but that's no bearing on its quality!

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Raleigh, NC, USA

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Tough episode, Dan. I don't remember Red/Blue well enough to know how likely you are to find a Cut user, but here's hoping it works out! That would be an unfortunate way for this to end...

Despite losing a fair number of members recently, the ones who are surviving seem to be getting quite strong. If you can get by this Cut technically, I'm eager to see how the team might continue to grow!