My All-Time Favorite Games

Think of this list as my personal “Hall of Fame”. While there are certainly dozens, if not hundreds of games absent from this list that mean a great deal to me, its exclusivity showcases the ones that have had the biggest impact on me personally. The goal of this list is nothing more than to share those games that have played the biggest role in defining my particular gaming tastes, and express what it is that I love about video games the most. Hopefully anyone who reads this comes away with a good sense of just that, and finds it a fun read as well.

Games are listed in chronological order of original US release date, not by preference.

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Posted by awadnin

i liked your list :)

Posted by MajorMitch

@awadnin: Thanks! I like it too :P

Posted by Slag

It should be remarked that you have excellent taste.

Posted by MajorMitch

@slag: Thanks! I'd like to think the games I like the most are pretty decent :) From what I can tell we seem to appreciate similar aspects about games. Makes me want to try Dragon's Dogma if I can find the time for it :P

Posted by GunstarRed

Great list. I've always really liked what you've had to say about games. I've always tried to keep my favourite games list around 30ish. I know that at some point I'll have to up it to 50... This might be the push I needed to do so.

I was a Sega kid and missed a lot of Nintendo stuff. I did have an N64, but really wasn't fond of Mario 64. So many people talk about how that game changed their view on 3D games, but I was totally thrown by it. I stubbornly wanted platformers to stay in 2D. At the time I felt like Nintendo had broken Mario. It seems absolutely crazy now, but at the time it felt like a miserable game to play.

Just out of curiosity what do you think of Final Fantasy IX? I really loved VII, hated almost everything about VIII other than the story, which I guess is a good thing to like about an RPG. (I have a suspicion I was always playing that game wrong) But IX had an enormous impact on me. I'm super frightened to replay it just incase I end up hating it.

Edited by MajorMitch

@gunstarred: Wow, thanks Gunstar! I always enjoy seeing your take on games as well! How big I want this list to get has always been an internal debate, but I try and do what feels right to me. That's led to slowly adding games, but never removing. In other words, it's tough to get in the party, but once you're in you're here to stay :)

Conversely to you, I was a Nintendo kid and missed a lot of Sega stuff :P I did have a Genesis for a little bit as a kid, and played the Sonic games on it, but somehow missed the other big Sega hits. Going back and seeing those classics is actually a high priority on my backlog when I have time! As for Mario 64... I was a 10 year old Nintendo kid when that came out, and I'm also someone who has always liked seeing new ideas that pushed boundaries. That personal history led to Mario 64 having a huge impact on me, and I also thought it played extremely well (I haven't played it in a long time though, curious if it holds up). I also remember feeling like 2D platformers, which I certainly liked a lot at the time, weren't going anywhere. Stuff like Mario 64 felt more like an addition to me than a replacement at the time. In retrospect though, while we certainly have a lot of excellent 2D platformers today, they did take a backseat for a while. Probably thanks to stuff like Mario 64...

I like FF IX a hell of a lot! It's my favorite FF that's not on this list (FF VI-IX was my personal FF sweet spot), and is one of those games that has kind of always been "on the edge". As for why it's never made it on, it's a lot of subtle distinctions that probably has more to do with my own FF history than anything. I had played just enough FFs at that point that IX didn't stand out quite as much, and also hadn't yet played the NES FFs to really endear me to IX's specific throwbacks. There's a whole lot more that could be written on that, along with how my own history and experiences shape a lot of this list. But point being I do really like FF IX! :)