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Why not just include all that stuff in the game in the first place? Is this purely a PR move?

Putting out stuff every week gives people an incentive to turn on the game, of course it's a marketing move.

Really looking forward to it, just a bummer that it's coming so late in my semester break. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they delayed the game again.

Not every piece of DLC will be ready when the game releases. (Source: Polygon)

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Oh god, this looks so much like a FarCry in a city! O.O

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Um, hello. Can I have Incredipede?

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This is a good decision considering how Monolith had to gut Shadow Of Mordor to make it run on last-gen systems.

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Remember how much content you'd get from Borderlands 2 DLC for 20 bucks?

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I wouldn't say you die often in Shadow of Mordor. I died twice at the beginning, because there was a spot on the map where three captains were ganging up on me. With time the game becomes more and more of a cake walk. It's cool to dispatch a group of orcs in a few strikes and finishers, but the challenge is not there. Even the captains/warchiefs don't pose any threat really. You don't even have to pay attention to their weak/strong points. Attack>get hit streak>finisher>rinse>repeat.

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Why are people always freaking out? Giant Bomb has a history of putting UPFs on the ticker at the last minute. Calm down, duders :)

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Try a PM here on the site.

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