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Whats the issue?

That Dante has black hair. I mean, really, Capcom. Black hair? Have you ever seen human hair?

Sure, he's effeminate like the old Dante, but this time he's effeminate in a way that makes me uncomfortable.

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Oh hey, sensationalist story-bending bullshit, haven't seen that in a while.

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Australian internet, bitches.

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MGS4 is one of the greatest MGS games this generation of consoles. Period.

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Episode 7 being a musical is probably the best thing to happen to Star Wars in many a year.

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Also, why do people think TBC was the best?

Because raiding was better when your raid nights hinged on your seventh shaman showing up.

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This particular brand of western political correctness and sensationalist finger-waving can hurt more than it helps. Intelligent people don't get mortified by flippant remarks and assuming that someone in a group, be it military soldiers, racial minorities or people who enjoy playing badminton is instantly emotionally scarred and must be protected from any remark that have even an iota of possibility of hurting their feelings is an insult to the intelligence and freedom of thought of the individuals in it.

Good read, stay safe.

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It's doing new and unique things that no other video game website is doing, like having a dumb obnoxious site layout.

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Considering how wildly inconsistent integrity can be in Quick Looks you should never really look at them as reviews. As much as I don't get butthurt at how badly Quick Looks can represent a game, the knowledge or lack thereof of the individuals doing the Quick Look (by no real fault of their own considering the time spent at time of recording) can make a game look better or worse than an eventual review will tell. This is fine, because the majority of Quick Looks recorded pre-review or early in the review process aren't necessarily meant to be representative of having a qualified opinion of the games overall worth and quality but rather a place to show initial thoughts and reactions.

If Quick Looks were ever going to be used as a stand-in for reviews then they would all have to be recorded post-play rather than pre-play like many Quick Looks are and basically become a video review where the reviewer plays and shows you the game to reinforce their final opinion, which obviously allows the viewer to match their own impressions against a reviewer much better than with a text review that you must take at face-value.

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Giant Bomb still has a presence on US Ysera, let us show you our pokemans! Check the sticky!