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I used to spend a fair amount of time hanging out on Giant Bomb; I suppose I still do, though I think it's gone downhill a lot and I don't consider it a place to talk about/find out about what's going on with games anymore (there's a fair bit that falls through the cracks when it comes to what Giant Bomb reports on or posts, and most of that seems to be the kinds of things I enjoy i.e. Dragon Quest Heroes, cool tech demo things, localization news, etc). The only places I guess I 'hang out' are on Twitter and in IRC, though I do the usual browsing to find out what's happening in terms of world news and the like.

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It's been almost half a year and this still isn't working correctly? Hope it gets fixed before I need to reset things again, that Google hack a little while ago had me a bit worried. Maybe make an official thread where people can ask for password resets until it works again?

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I'm not even interested in Destiny but this sounds like the best use of loading screens since Bayonetta let you practice your combos.

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Make no mistake, the problem isn't the internet or anonymity, it's people. Some people don't want to have a discussion about the issues; why would they? As far as they're concerned they're right. The only people you're ever going to have a reasonable conversation with are people who are willing to admit they might be wrong, or might have made a mistake, and that doesn't hinge on that person having any sort of accountability for what they've said or done. A person who wants to have a real, honest-to-goodness argument and maybe learn something- either from or about the people they're talking to- will do that regardless of whether you can report them afterwards.

I see a lot of people saying that the real key to getting the Internet back in the right direction is to put real consequences on what you say online. To me, that just seems stupid and shortsighted, and seems like it's more a way to punish people for disagreeing than it is trying to actually encourage meaningful discussion. The fact of the matter is that plenty of people acted like complete assholes with their real names and faces widely known and visible. People are always the problem, and pretending that we can tweak the Internet a few degrees towards totalitarianism and fix all that bad behavior right up is just plain silly. People who wanna talk are gonna talk, and the thing that no one seems to want to admit is that most people don't actually want to talk. They want to be reassured that they're right and that the 'other side' is crazy. It's not a problem with how people are able to talk online, it's a problem with how they do, and it's a problem you can't solve by putting up barriers. It's a problem you can't solve as long as the people you're dealing with are human.

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I do this all the time. Eventually I'll learn, or so I keep telling myself.

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Yeah, it really depends on the game here. Most of the time I prefer a character that I've made/customized myself, but for things like Silent Hill 3 that'd be the worst thing ever. Heather is one of the greatest protagonists in any game, ever, and does not get enough praise. That said, when it comes to things like Phantasy Star, I can spend hours screwing around with outfits and weapons. In things like Dark Souls I tend to come up with a character idea and backstory and then make a run through as that invented character.

So there's really no easy answer. I will say that a few protagonists really got under my skin, though. To my knowledge Welkin is the only protagonist I actually disliked so much that I didn't even bother to finish the game. Self-righteous prick.

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For what it's worth, Persona 4's dungeons were fucking incredible compared to the Tartarus hikes from Persona 3. It's amazing how much better P3 would have been if the Full Moon missions were longer and more involved, and Tartarus was a good 50~75 floors shorter. They'll probably do even better with 5.

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Wow. Every one of those I clicked on was already taken.

Edit: Unless like a doofus I totally misunderstood how this worked because I woke up with a killer headache and lost my ability to interpret words. If that's the case, I'll take Audiosurf if you don't mind.

Edit again: And just in case Audiosurf is off the table, Divinity 2 would be a fine runner up.

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@make_me_mad: Is this the supposed harassment that happened at a wedding? (trying to keep this vague so as to keep the thread from getting locked) That's the problem with this entire story- there's no hard proof of anything, yet some people are spreading rumors and smoke as fact, which only gins up more anger and hatred.

And that's an obvious issue, but there's a clear double standard; in this case, it's all hushed up and quiet because there's no proof and it's all just rumors. In the Max Temkin situation you had people belligerently calling out anyone who supported him and saying that asking for proof- or even approaching a claim of sexual assault with anything short of absolute belief- was damaging and harmful and generally awful. Whether it happened or not, one thing I'd think anyone can agree on is that immediately attacking and harassing someone who makes a claim is setting the worst fucking precedent in the world. If you start saying it's not a problem to insult and badger someone into retracting their claims because 'well, they know more than we do about it' then you're just opening the doors for all kinds of future terrible shit to happen to people who likewise make claims of this nature.

I don't know if anyone was harassed at that wedding or not. I never will! I'm okay with that. I tend to treat any claim that doesn't have some evidence behind it with a fair bit of skepticism. The behavior of the people responding to the allegation, however, is abhorrent and vile, and there's absolutely proof of that.

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Not sure what people want written about the Z.Q. scandal, the jumping off point of which was a creepy tell-all blog post from her jilted boyfriend. Keep seeing stuff about QUinn doxxing TFCY and faking harassment. Where's the proof for any of this besides some slanted YouTube posts from people with obvious axes to grind? Is this really the kind of TMZ-ready muck you want GB splashing around in?

There's the very real and inarguable case where Quinn and Phil Fish ganged up on a sexual harassment victim and shouted down and bullied him until he deleted his posts and apologized to her, which everyone seems content to ignore. I'd imagine the easy answer for most people to go to is that it was a false claim- except that argument never holds any water when the genders are reversed, and it damn sure doesn't justify a dogpile on the supposed victim and a slew of insults. A claim like that is serious, and needs to be investigated; as it stands, it's going to be impossible to ever get an answer because the accuser was attacked and backed down due to pressure. If he claimed it was a false allegation now, I'm not sure I'd believe he actually meant it, and wasn't just saying that to try and get back in the good graces of the very people who attacked him.

And that's a huge goddamn problem. The reaction to a claim of harassment-from anyone- should not be attacks, it should not be insults, and anyone supporting Zoe Quinn or Phil Fish at this point needs to be aware they're supporting the kinds of people who would further torment a possible victim of sexual harassment to shut them up.