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@marokai: I don't disagree with anything you said there but I think again it comes back to the audience. I can understand why some games writers wouldn't want to actively engage with "the other side" when those people are constantly barraging them on Twitter and such with all sorts of harassment. (Though I think this is all the result of a larger "us vs. them" mentality that is a huge problem in my mind.) I saw someone tell Tim Schafer to kill himself on Twitter today because he posted one of Anita's videos. Tim Schafer! Pretty much one of the most likable and nicest guys in games. It's not crazy to me that some don't want to engage with these people. That's not to say there aren't perfectly sensible people on that side as well but when these loud, hateful children dominate the conversation, it ruins it for everyone.

If the barrier to ever disagreeing with people like Anita is that no one in the entirety of the internet can be a jerk to people who agree with her/promote her/whatever, then there is literally never, ever going to be a conversation. People who threaten harm and death and are generally huge assholes about it are, in fact, the minority; they're just super loud about it, and as a result, a lot of people decide that that's who they're up against. A few assholes talking shit and being repugnant and the usual gang of Twitterers can lock-step and rest assured that anyone who disagrees with them is clearly just as bad as the very worst examples they saw. Then that righteous crusade against meanness ends up alienating even more people who were somewhere in the middle of the road and it's a ridiculous mess, and nothing is accomplished. People are never going to solve these issues until they realize that one person cannot ruin the conversation for everyone unless you are actively letting them do that. And at that point, you are the problem.

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As for the other threads, their purpose appeared to be trying to tearing down Quinn instead of some other discussion. At this point I still don't see what the point of bringing up what is going on surrounding her since it seems inappropriate for most forums and sites. There probably needs to be a story of the whole but so far too many are interested in salacious details instead of recording an event where each reposting of "Hey look at what Zoe Quinn did according to..." is not helping.

Could you please reply to post 83 instead of ignoring it? You asked why people are upset with the press refusal to cover the topic of Zoe Quinn, I gave you an answer, you ignore my post altogether and claim that it "seems inappropriate for most forums and sites," and that focusing on this Quinn is "not helping."

Aside from that, there is the accusation coming from The Fine Young Capitalists that Zoe Quinn essentially attacked their competing game jam, and accused them of being scammers. The claim is that she used twitter to ruin their game jam and got them kicked off indie go go. Meanwhile, they also claim that they couldn't get an answer out of her what they are doing wrong or why she considers their game jam to be a scam.

TFYC also say that they have reached out to the gaming press many times, and every time they're turned away because the press instantly sides with Zoe, or says that they refuse to cover the topic. Total Biscuit re-tweeted to raise awareness for them, so either he's using incredibly poor judgement, or Zoe is.

There are only three possibilities here: This could be Zoe protecting people from a scam, this could be her trying to eliminate the competition, or this could be all be a big misunderstanding. If the first is true, people deserve to be warned about an ongoing scam. The Fine Young Capitalists are back on indie go go, and are still taking donations. If the last is true, people deserved to be warned that this ISN'T a scam, because a good cause is being seriously hurt.

According to The Fine Young Capitalists, no one in the press will touch it.

None of this has anything to do with personal info leaked by a vindictive ex-boyfrined, and no game journalist will touch it.

THIS is the real issue here. Not that some journalists gave her money, but that they're refusing to report on actual news stories, because even if they were to report ONLY the facts involved in these cases, that might cause them to be ostracized from both the game journalist community and the indie games community, and that is a serious conflict of interest. You can see it with the linked image in post 83.

All of this is incredibly important, but it's incredibly unlikely anyone will actually address it. It's far more likely that bringing this up at all will be considered derailing the topic and get it deleted, locked, or both. That said, this needs to be thrown in everyone's faces as much as possible until an answer is given, because as it stands the silence in the face of these claims says a hell of a lot.

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@truthtellah: And here's some more of that good old confusion about who does and doesn't count as a journalist these days, and who therefore doesn't have any kind of standards to live up to. Fortunately I doubt anyone at giant bomb has the be worried about being mistaken for a professional, especially when the main thrust of their content seems to be "What if we get everyone in a room and just murder our brain cells with alcohol for a while?"

The whole journalism side of things is so fucked up and entangled that taking any of them seriously is idiotic at this point. You can't even talk about actual stories around here anymore.

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The people here at Giant Bomb definitely aren't. They need to stop referring to themselves as such, and stop hiding behind "Well the definition of journalism is so vague these days".

To be clear, the GB staff have already said, on multiple occasions, that they are not journalists, and should not be considered as such.

That gets a bit muddled when they're involved in the "Games Journalism Hunger Games" panel, and when pretty much all of their contemporaries refer to themselves as such.

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Less bias. Less shitting on fans of certain series every time a trailer comes out just because you don't like those kind of games- preferably none, even! Less editorializing, less opinion, more facts and actual news and less "This is how I feel about things". Otherwise, don't call yourself a journalist. I don't need someone to tell me how I should feel about a story, or to decide a certain story isn't worth reporting, I just want someone to tell me what happened in as simple a manner as possible and let me make my own calls. Reviewers, for the records, are not journalists. The people here at Giant Bomb definitely aren't. They need to stop referring to themselves as such, and stop hiding behind "Well the definition of journalism is so vague these days".

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Every year the Game Journalist* clique gets a little weirder. At this point they could probably all operate out of the same building with little to no change.

*Not guaranteed to actually be journalists

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People are all about organizing and grouping things to make parsing information easier. It's great, in the sense that it's helped us develop to where we are today, but it does get out of hand, and dangerously so. It's partly why so many arguments devolve into two groups of loud jackasses screaming at one another and hurling insults and vitriol; it's a lot easier to classify everyone who disagrees with you as a slobbering moron and scream at them than it is to have a nuanced discussion between hundreds of people with varying viewpoints.

And I do feel the genre classifications are kind of a bummer, in a lot of respects. I feel like people could make some really, really cool things if they stepped out of the borders of what their particular type of game is 'supposed' to be. The way that RPG mechanics have bled into other genres has been interesting, to say the least, but I'd like to see some crazier crossovers.

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I've been increasingly psyched about this thing since I realized how terrible my internet connection is at my new place. This will probably be where the majority of my time with the game as spent... as soon as I mine everything interesting out of the story mode, of course. I'm really looking forward to it.

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Alright, it's not my favorite game of all time. It's probably also not the one I've spent the most time on over the years. I did play a goddamn absurd amount of this game, though, and a part of me still thinks if the series had kept improving it would have produced the greatest video game ever made. So many hours poured into this as a kid. So many CDs I dug through trying to find the perfect monster...