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Honestly now I'm just a bit sad that the boss monsters aren't gonna be playable. I'd love to wreck shit as Gohma, especially the Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker versions.

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I'd say that Dark Souls is better than DS2, but there were definitely things I liked more in the second game. The Looking Glass Knight is maybe my favorite boss in the entire Souls series, and I think that the NPCs in Dark Souls 2 were vastly superior to the ones from Dark Souls. Lucatiel, Vengarl and Bernhardt were radical and I was much more invested in seeing the ends of their stories than I was with anyone from Dark Souls.

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@ungratefuldead: @oldirtybearon: @i_stay_puft: I thought it was pretty obvious I'm just screwing around and not being serious, but for the record, the DMV is confusing, and I don't hate Dan Ryckert or something. I'm actually nearly positive this is an act, because I don't think he could legitimately not know all of the things he's not known since his arrival at Giant Bomb.

It's been a long week. I spent most of it reading about people blowing each other up in foreign countries and having panic attacks about whether I'd survive the night or even wanted to. Sorry if I'm joking a little too rough this afternoon.

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I've got a new theory. Dan Ryckert was less a new hire and more like an... adoption. He's like an animal you rescue from a shelter, or a stray that can't take care of itself but has to live somewhere.

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Aw shit, these are all fantastic choices. I was hoping I'd get to play as a Goron.

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I got a 0, which surprised me because I wasn't super sure on some of them. Regardless, I am now the standard by which all of you should judge yourselves.

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It's always interesting for me to see what characters people relate to when they're playing through games; it's also really shocking that so many people pick the main character of the game. I've always seen more of myself in the side characters, and have often though about writing a blog entry to try and explain why I relate the most to a certain character in Persona 4. Spoilers: It's Mitsuo.

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This is really bizarre. I never got into Bladestorm, though I did enjoy the bit of it that I played... I'll definitely keep my eye on this, though.

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I don't play Dota and have been keeping up whenever other people say a match is gonna be interesting, and there's been some good stuff. That said, I was asleep at my computer for the last two games of that last matchup. As in, literally asleep with my headphones still on and the stream still running. Lesson learned; don't put my head on the desk for a second to relax. When Dota's boring, it's fucking BOOORING.