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Jade Empire by a mile for me, though a lot of it is simple aesthetics and style. A kung-fu fight will always be cooler than just swinging swords at each other.

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Long story short, he was in a bad way from his memories of being a child soldier and some (pretty understandable) trust issues with Rose, started drinking, got into some bar fights and they split up. Raiden was told that she had a miscarriage and then married Colonel Campbell, so with nothing left to live for he decided it was time to go all-in on the whole "Fighting the Patriots with Snake and Friends" bandwagon. Some weird Alaskan training later, he was ready to go on some off-screen missions.

Suffice to say some of those missions went better than others. One in particular had him get captured and he was experimented on by the Patriots, who took the top-half of his skull and spine out of his own body and implanted it into a cyborg body. He eventually managed to escape, but now has even less to live for than he did before, and that's about where MGS4 has him at.

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I had the opposite reaction. I friggin' love the voice acting, and think the whole english staff did a fantastic job; just because they're cliches doesn't mean they aren't immensely enjoyable, and honestly, I like the characters. Enzo's a short fat Italian mobster wannabee who sounds like he's doing a bad Pesci impression, but he's also got a wife and kids, plays strip-poker against Dante, and regularly finds himself wrapped up in weird-ass adventures with a bunch of supernatural entities and has his holidays ruined. I like that dude.

I think I can kinda understand where you're coming from, in the same way that a lot of my friends in high school were obsessed with and listened to a ton of J-rock music. It DID sound pretty cool, but then you look up the translated lyrics and it's this absurd mish-mash of flowery romantic singing and over-the-top exaggeratedly grim lines where they scream about darkness and your soul and such. Most if not all of those songs would sound fucking ridiculous and embarrassing in a language I actually understood, but because I didn't, I just listened to the sound and was like "Yeah, sure, this is alright."

I stand by the english voice cast of Bayonetta, though. I've played both of the games extensively and there are only a few characters where I think the quality stumbles. I even think Loki's voice in the second game is fine, and think it's kinda weird that people say his accent is somehow unbelievable. As though a dark-skinned person couldn't have a British accent...? Whatever. Point here is, while I can definitely understand where you're coming from, I'm way into Bayonetta's english voice acting. I wouldn't even wanna play that game in Japanese because I love the english version so much.

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Am I really supposed to be upset and tut-tutting at the people who are rioting over this? People have a long history of rioting over far less serious things, so I'm just gonna nod and wish everyone well. Maybe, eventually, things will get serious enough that a lasting change has to be made in the way these things are handled- though if it'll be for better or worse is anyone's guess. All I know is that the police's current strategy of "Make the people fear and hate us more" seems to be heading in the wrong direction.

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Most of the time you don't really need rules for anything less serious than actual threats to someone's safety, because in general people on the Internet are perfectly willing and able to censor what they see and hear through sheer force of stubborn will and skewed perspectives. A site like Giant Bomb doesn't really need more strict enforcement, as far as I've seen; I'd go so far as to argue for less, were arguing allowed.

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Everyone looking forward to the new episode probably oughta read this first to temper any expectations you've got.

It sucks to hear about the budget being slashed like that, but at least they're trying to make the best of it. It especially sucks because, while I still think the first two seasons of the show were pretty bad, 3 and 4 were (for the most part) awesome. I've actually been enjoying and anticipating the new episode releases! I haven't done that since the early days of Book 1, before Mako got introduced.

All that said, I'm still gonna watch because I'm interested in what they do with this... let's be really generous and optimistic and call it an 'opportunity'. Korra's still got some mental trauma to work through, so maybe they can patch some of that up via the almighty, money-saving power of extensive flashbacks.

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This whole thing really just feels like a way for a corporation to own a singer instead of having a person with that pesky free will. I hate being the old man, but I just don't get the appeal.

I'm not sure if it makes you an old man. I could totally see where you're coming from. Record labels notoriously don't like treating their artists like humans so why not bypass all that by just dealing with an artist that isn't human at all? Disgruntled musician doesn't want to go on tour again? Well, let's just replace them with a robot who won't whine.

But is eliminating the human factor really a bad thing? I mean, it's nice to have a singer my niece can listen to that isn't going to have a breakdown or start yelling racial slurs or do cocaine and wreck cars into shit. Not until vocaloids get a lot more advanced, anyways.

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It's not news because certain crowds don't want it to be news, mostly.

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I think it's a totally understandable thing to say. These days it's safer to not have a character than to attempt a character and do a poor job, and what qualifies as a poor job in the first place is going to vary wildly between different people; someone is undoubtedly going to take issue with something. If I were a developer I'd be more afraid of getting on certain people's shit lists than I would be worried about the actual quality of the game at this point.

That said, I'd say you just write a female character exactly the same as you write a male character and vice versa. We're all humans, we've all got the same emotional bullshit going on, just write whatever feels right. If you try to write someone realistically, i.e. you're not writing them as someone with no purpose but to be loved or loathed, it'll probably come out in a relatively alright spot anyhow.

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I can't participate but wish you all the best of luck regardless. Hopefully there'll be a Kanji in the bracket to bend you punks in my stead.