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26534 Sundowner Character Overview I wasn't particularly fond of the way I worded everything the first time, and on top of that I had to fix a few factual and spelling errors. Hopefully this is the last edit I'll make on this. 04/30/13 10:03AM 52 Approved
6997 Sundowner Character Overview Just played through Revengeance, figured I'd fill this out with everything I learned about him from the Codec Calls. Someone will probably go more in-depth with this later on. 02/21/13 03:16PM 306 Approved
739 Gozu-Tennoh Character Overview I felt kinda bad that Gozu-Tennoh didn't have anything on his page. Dude was pretty cool for a giant angry statue. It's also been forever since I played this game, and it's late, so this is kind of a barebones description; sorry about that. Hopefully someone will come along and pretty-up the wording. 02/12/13 09:13PM 400 Approved