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Ekami is probably the most entertaining thing in this thread! It's like running commentary in the corner of the room that everybody is ignoring. Good stuff.

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@munnyman5: Because, as many have pointed out (and you pointedly ignored), it is up to people to say that they are disgusted with particular things. Not discussing an issue gives your tacit consent to it. Those who feel an issue may misrepresent them (games journalists/players) feel the need to raise their voice on this particular issue to show that IT IS NOT OKAY.

If everybody treated everybody equally, yes, things would be rad! But the real world doesn't work that way, misogyny exists and it's on everybody else to tell them that it is not okay, through actions or confrontation. As it stands, not everbody does this! So we continue having this discussion over and over with more people seeing it every time. The concept works both ways, too; if the chatter on the statue benefits Deep Silver, it also benefits those wishing to spread their own viewpoints. Even someone vehemently ranting about feminist entitlement will be drawing attention to the issue.

@TheFantasticFillip: You are provabley wrong. Women play games: Forty-seven percent of all players are women, and women over 18 years of age are one of the industry's fastest growing demographics

In a more realistic example, I would highly doubt the words "I don't want women at my company" <--those exact words have been said.

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@Brodehouse: I love this comment to death.

Man, wouldn't that be something? I would be positively elated if he went through and interviewed some of them. Maybe he and Miss Petit from Gamespot could team up on it. More than raising awareness, taking action and calling out developers would be golden. I generally loathe Kotaku, but their piece on the sexual harassment at Stardock was gratifying to see. I would be proud to see Scoops outshine them.

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@HellBound: Not everyone is bad. I feel you, though. Am I delusional? Was it always like this? I seem to recall it being more inclusive, a community. Not braying idiots.

Thanks so much for persisting against the waves of dumb comments. Can't put a pricetag on awareness. Means a lot to me to have GiantBomb backing us up. It's why I stay in spite of the trolls.

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Thanks for shining a spotlight on this event, Patrick! Ignore the rabble in the comments. You can't convince a knuckle dragging bigot of anything, right? Victim blaming is so common in issues of sexism. I'm ashamed that it's the same, even here.

I can say that there are some who read your articles, but do not use twitter, so this article is very useful! Any time somebody speaks out against an issue, it has the potential to shift the opinion of the public on the matter (See Gay Marriage, equal rights, women's suffrage). This is just as important a cause. This is why shit like the Lilly Ledbetter act had to exist. This is why DENDA should be passed. I encourage you to ignore those who would simply insult you or squash conversation on the issue, because we need people out there bringing it up, over and over until it stops.

Thanks so much for being among them, Scoops. It means a lot to have a member of the site I love on our side.

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I've always thought of the X race has it better than Y race argument as trash. If this is true, so what? There's always an exception to that rule, and throwing that blanket out there helps nobody. If you really care, do something about it and quit writing pointless, racist articles. That writer is such a prick.

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Always On DRM! Flawless.

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Oh fuck yes! Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution!

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@mlarrabee: Not to mention that in the same minute they are calling each other fuckers, pieces of shit. Cool that he wants to be all PC and crap but the real world isn't like that. Hell, Dan Savage says fag left and right, and I love the bastard.

And yeah, have any of you(GB Crew) looked at the forums here? Shit is off the damned chain. Fag is among the least offensive words possible to see around here. Not a big deal.

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@BestUsernameEver: Hahaha I've said that like a hundred times playing TFC. People are too hypersensitive. Oh, well. Hey, has anybody ever told you you havbe the best username ever?