So, here we are again shooter fans

Before someone goes off and says this is in the wrong place, let me say this- maybe, but it covers more than one title.

A couple of weeks ago, I got Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 the Thursday after it came out from a nearby GameStop utilizing hard earned wages from my place of employment. I came home, popped it in, and enjoyed spaying people with my PP (they didn't have the PP90M1 link- DEAL WITH IT) all evening long. And you know what? I'm still enjoying it. Sure, the campaign's a little short, the graphics are the same as they were two years ago (if not a little improved), and multiplayer and Spec Ops mode are only slightly better than before. But is that any reason to complain? Not really, no. Why do I say this? Well... sometimes, sticking to the guns that make something popular is a good thing. Does that mean that it will continue to stay like this? No, but change is inevitable. Which is why I'm not purchasing Battlefield 3 quite yet. Sure, the game looks pretty, but at what cost? A rushed launch date to attempt to beat Activision to the punch? A middling campaign that wasn't fully realized? Promised items that didn't ship on-disc as promised? A buggy-as-hell Anti-Cheating/Piracy system that's redundant thanks to Microsoft, Sony AND ValvE? Electronic Arts, I have this to say to you- if you're going to promise something to your faithful customers, stick to it. Don't screw them over like a back alley hooker hopped up on drugs.