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I don't understand how this can all be arbitrarily changed at the drop of a hat.

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Jumping back, I have to recap:

-I'm a handsome black man in-game w/ purple hair

-Everyone around me's a racist

-I need to shoot/blow shit up

Rough Neckin'

After basically gettin' a "Hell no" from Easy Pete on the explosives and a few things from Doc Mitchell and Chet on the cheap, I decided to walk around out in the desert for a bit. Shit... I thought the old man would've wanted to help a brother in need. The damned old fool doesn't think I know enough about EXPLOSIVES? WELL... I'll show him. Whilst walking around in the dark, I came across a pack of Gecko and opened up on them, seeing as they were attacking me head-on. During this battle, I found my Varmint Rifle to be degrading a bit on me. Oh well- thing was a piece of shit to begin with. After taking those green bastards down, I walked up a hill for a bit and discovered a place called Wolf Radio. It was abandoned when I came across it, littered with bent beer cans, scrap electronics, and caps. Creepy as hell, too.


Continuing along a cliff wall, I noticed what looked like a town in the distance. As I approached the limits of the area, I was almost knocked on my ass by some dumbass white NCR trooper. He told me that the town was off limits. I asked where I could go to ask someone about what was going on. He pointed me to some LT Hayes in a tent up the highway. As I entered, I found him just FEELING up a gal in there who wished for a Nuclear Winter. Why ANYONE wishes for that is still beyond me. Anyways, I got to talking with this LT. Apparently, this mission was botched by bad intel- some prisoners from a correctional facility had gotten loose and were causing havoc in the area. The NCR thought they'd be no big deal. Too bad they were better equipped than they were. Sounds like something I did in my youth. Anyways, turns out these "prisoners" are actually a splinter group of those damned Powder Gangers I was asked to deal with in Goodwill Springs! However, these guys are just as ill-supplied as the NCR here, so MAYBE dealing with them shouldn't be a problem.

Short, but sweet this week. I'll have more later on.

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@Moncole said:

I think this is good. Activsion has a lot of good devs to make it.

This post looks like someone FROM Activision posted it to make it look like something non-derivative was going on here...

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Fuckin A dude. That's what Homefront should have been. More Lea Thompson please.


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I already have a PS2 though.

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Okami is probably the one remaining PS2 game that I'd like to see an HD remaster for. I'd probably pay around $15 for something like that, but I don't think it'd be unreasonable for them to charge $20; Okami was a pretty big game.

@Cathryn said:

Oh yes, definitely.

@jasondaplock said:

If Okami were to get an HD release, it would need some actual designer love to be worth showing. The graphical style is beautiful, but it looked muddy even on the PS2.

I would absolutely put down cold hard spacebucks for a copy if they actually fixed it up.

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Oh dude. In a heartbeat.

@Legend said:


What all of these people said. I can't think of better words than what've already been stated above.

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: I shall, good sir. I shall.

@sotyfan16_2: Well, here- the way I'm writing it, I AM the character. That IS the purpose of an RPG after all... right? Here, I can forget that I am Daniel Owen Harrison ( a white, middle-class kid of 22 with a cart-pushing job) and become Gabe Monroe (a semi-suave black male sporting the funkiest purple hair this side of the Hoover Dam in the life-or-death position of Courier).

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: Funny thing is, this is my first time doing this. I wrote it as I was playing, so this is the more imaginative version of a YouTube video which would be basically the same thing... only with moving pictures and sound.

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How bad're these Deathclaws? And remember, I'm packing the Ultimate Edition of the game w/ ALL the DLC (Mercenary Grenade Rifle, Caravan Shotgun, Weathered 10mm...).

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Not after the pick-up by FUNi some time back. Who knows- mebbe Square'll release it stateside.

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I'll consider that when I go back to my save. I still have the Powder Gangers to contend with.