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@Enigmatical said:

@Vorbis Preordering automagically gets you in the betas, so that's good :). Also, all progress made during the betas will be saved so essentially we are just getting to play the game early for few periods at a time.

They're going to wipe the closed beta tests, but the open beta characters will be saved.

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@NekuSakuraba:  Dunno, it's not impossible though.
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@NekuSakuraba:  I mean a new secondary stat IF they put one in. (gonna put  as much into luck as I can afford to already), plan on getting the "get banned from all Casinos" achievement in my first playthrough.
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Lockpick Science and Speech  served me well in the last one, should do the same in Vegas.
(might drop lockpick if there's a skill that helps you in the casinos)

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I doubt it will cost anything as people seem to be suggesting, but if they do it in one huge lump it's possible they might charge for it.