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I must admit Case Zero was fun........... This looks  Interesting as well...... 
Is this starting a trend?..... Can we be on the verge of a true episodic game?
If the cost doesn't get ridiculous and stays at the $5, then possibly this could be the new business model? 

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I guess it's more of a "Blanket Statement"
I know I can just quit gaming and that it's just a hobby. 
It's more of a statement for ALL gamers in the growing population of people who have grown up with games, but are finding themselves slipping out of the hobby.
My goal was to stir up a discussion on why we game, the lack of time for the older generation where, career, family, children and the day to day grind of life leaves less and less time to dedicate to the hobby. 
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I think for me it was the Giantbomb segments.
They seem to be more organized and on topic for most of the time.
The Bomb crew are more comfortable with the cameras and because they have been in the spotlight more than the rest of the Whiskey staff, they just exude the right kind of confidence.
I am sure with more live shows being produced, the quality of the different brands  segments are only going to get better.
I must admit though Will Smith is pretty funny.

Long live the Whiskey Revolution.

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It's really good to see the passion for our hobby and the inspiring reasons why we game. 
I am hoping my apathy towards my once loved (if not worshiped) hobby is just a passing thought and I haven't lost the love for the game.
It is true that as an older gamer, I have grown up with the hobby and have seen the hobby evolve into what it is today. I remember playing pong when it actually came out and just being blown away by what I saw on the TV screen. Maybe it is, a bit of being "bored" for the most part by the game developers today and tired of seeing the same type of game being peddled over and over again.
Maybe it's time to stop playing "everything" that comes out and pick and choose the genre or meme that best suits my style. 

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As I get older, the time needed to play games gets shorter and shorter. With "Life" issues getting in the way of gaming time, how do we as older gamers (Over 30) find the time necessary to fill the need to play games.  From the age of 6, I have never been without a game system and up until 5-10 years ago, I have had a copious amount time to play them.  
But even in the most busy times up to and including my early and late 20s, I made the time to buy and play the latest games that came out at that time.
But for some reason, now as I get older... I seem to be lazy, bored or the games today have not quite captured my attention the way they had in my memories.
Is it time to let go of the "Hardcore Gamer" in me and pass the torch over to the next crop of young gamers take over the hobby? 
Or do I become the enemy, the "Casual Gamer", the Wii or IPod gamer, let go of my trusted controller and pick up a "waggle-wand" of some sort? 
These are the thoughts of an over-worked, time strapped gamer in his mid 30's, looking for the excuse to game again.
Any Thoughts?