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Sneak King

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No email from Rorie or about shipping. I'll give it another week before emailing

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The forces that be have decided to send me a XONE code instead of the PC one I asked for, so here!


???- The dude from Futurama was named Philip J. ???

Still on the lookout for a PC code

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I could use a PC code. I'll be sure to pass on whatever extra codes I end up getting here too

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"Why do you come to Giantbomb"

To see Vinny's beautiful face, of course.

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Exchange for $2000 worth of pennies. Proceed to shower it off a rooftop. I'm sure the people below will love it.

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I wasn't thrilled to see Bolin continue his trend of being a useless comic relief character. Dude is way more interesting than Mako.

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So was the Walrider just a cloud of nanomachines that were a manifestation of Billy?

...I might have to play this game.


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I am a wallet-for-hire. You can put that $50-70 right in this hole right here.