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somehow managed to fall off the side of the trailer (only about 8 feet) while throwing out a bale of hay.

came to on the ground dazed, shook it off and stood up. not a great move considering it turned out my tibula and fib (for starters) were broken and the bottom half of my right leg was at a 90 degree angle to the rest of my leg with both tib and fib poking out the side, and all associated muscles and ligaments were torn to shit. the rest? also smashed my patella (kneecap) tore patellar ligament, broke 5 out of 7 ankle bones, 4 out of 5 metatarsal bones (those ones leading to the toes) as well as tearing almost every ligament in my foot. oh, and i also shattered my femur.

laying there for over an hour before an ambulance could get out there. ambos reaction? dude vomited when, while cutting off my gumboot to check the damage, he discovered that it was full of blood - just as it spilled out onto his chest.

could have been worse though, considering that when i came down i somehow managed to miss smashing my skull against the rocky outcrop mere inches from where my head landed.

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Presented without comment.

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Just getting back in, haven't played for at least a year.

Username should be Malgoo@_Malgoo_ ?

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Quantum Conundrum, if only for the fact that I expected something far more horribly devious from Q.

Yes, I ignored the actual storyline (what little of it there was) and just spent the game imagining that Q had trapped me in this weird mansion and was fucking with me constantly with the dimension shifts and shit.