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PC, because ive made plenty of friend playing PC and 4 player co-op will probably be easier on PC

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i wonder what the future of the franchise will bring

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its not dead... yet... theyll have to come out with more games and change the UI itll be a hit... its really powerful and akll but without much support itll be dead in the water soon

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amnesia: the dark descent, holy cow, that got me a few times, ii was in the dorms and had a friend over and before you know it i had like 9 guys all huddled around my computer screen, when something jumped we all just left the room, there were a few times i had to hit the esc key and leave the room.. but yes amnesia will always have that special place on my hard drive for those spooky nights

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ive been playing darksiders 2, and i love it, but ive been looking forward to sleeping dogs for the past few weeks.. seeing it pre=loaded is just enought to get me excited again... but borderlands 2 is what im really looking for

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PC.. because all my friends are on xbox and getting away from them would be nice