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What a fucking sad day. There will never be a Dave/Vinny duo. There will never be Random PC game. What a damn bummer. I'm gonna miss you Dave!

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Killer Instinct 3

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What do you mean why not? The first 1 was released on PS2, the sequel was canceled in the US. Servers for 1 got shut down fast for US. Then they proceeded to release the games on a handheld that's rampant with piracy without online when it's a multiplayer focused game. Tri had plenty of people giving it a shot since Capcom decided to bring back online aspect to Monster Hunter only to kill it again with Tri G for WiiU. Which is a console that is not as popular (yet, maybe?)

Hell, Capcom even hired people to ban anyone who spoke English on the Monster Hunter Online game for PC.

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It's great that such an old game is still getting updates but aren't most people tired of this game now? I've read articles of Japanese players wanting a new SF or new characters and while the community is still going it just doesn't seem as big as last year. Plenty of people have switched to Mahvel or other newer fighting game franchises because everyone's exhausted of Street Fights. Hell as a person who hates DC Comics i'm more hyped for Injustice than a new Street Fighter update at this point.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

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Who will keep track of all this

Me, of course.

But I mean, who's going to keep tracks of the other groups if you're participating? Who will invite what. So far only you have added me.

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Who will keep track of all this

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Oh no don't get me wrong I don't think you should ban either, i'm just giving examples of people who are far worse. Bayonetta is extremely fragile which makes up for her ability to combo in every attack while Baron and Rin sisters have no drawbacks. The game CAN be taken seriously though especially in Cage Match. But the rest of the modes are all about fun.

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I'd say Blacker Baron and the Rin Sisters are a more bannable offense over Bayonetta since Baron has a one hit KO and almost all attacks for the Rin sisters can be an infinite loop.

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Is there a tier list for Anarchy Reigns or something? I have yet to play against another MAX user, everyone seems to pick the Rin sisters and Bayonetta.

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Riddle me this: why are their player and ranked in this game. I think they should be combined. All it affects is leaderboards which I doubt many people care about and all it does is split the players.

One you can invite people in, other you can't. Simple as that. Plus the Japanese are all in Player Match atm, so without that barrier between new players and Japanese I think most people would quit just starting the game.