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Games Sell Systems-

Good for MSoft

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I am in the same boat. I am curious to see what happens with the game launches and what it will actually look like vs speculation. I might end up getting a PS4 later down the road but for me i am going to try Dead Rising 3, COD Ghosts, BF4, KI and a few others. For me it comes down to the network stability, Cloud, Apps, and the evolution of the UI.

If we use current gen as an example i have been way more happy with the MS net vs the Sony. The evolution of the UI which Sony was mostly absent until the last year; and who is pushing the envelope. I still remember the launch UI in 2005 and how terrible it was vs what it is now. Same can be said for Sony although the effort hasn't really been there untill recent additions that come with a monthly fee. PS+ is great i enjoy what it has to offer but a little too late for this gen.

Looking at the collection i have of PS3 (Quantic being in there as well as Last of Us etc) I haven't bought 1 game for its MP component. This is mostly due to either issues with the network, Security Issues, or problems with DLC or patching.

If this is important to you it may be that bit that keeps you happy about your pre-order. Maybe not.

But for me i am sticking with MS :)

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Who Cares what its called. Just as long as they keep making good games. I call my sexbox360 Dick most of the time. Looks like it will have some good games coming out and i like the idea of cloud processing etc. Thanks for bringin the info GB!

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@Ravenlight: Agreed

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I am curious to see how War Z is. I think this could be done but it would be hard to do it right.

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@Grimhild: For sure! i can hope that the next gen may be able to pull something like this off. I would buy it in a heartbeat :() That game you linked sounds like what we are talking about

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Does the Element of Co-Op destroy any chance of this happening? What if the system was similar to dark souls where you could not use party speak. Instead did Proximity Speak. Or maybe having a 2 way radio you pick up in game that allows communication further distance when the need for resupply happens. What if you gained more perks/xp etc as a survivor? What if you could work together to survive vs waves of human controlled enemies? With next gen on the horizon would it be out of the question to have a 200-400 player game?

Lets just take the backdrop of lets say...Dead Space. Your team only has so much supply to live another week with the current number of "Party Members" In order to survive you need at least so many working on fortifications/defense and so many on recon/mission. No add the joyous element that LFD captured for me. Waiting on somebody you can see but they cant see you. to be so foolish as to leave the fortification for Supply.

Make sure your "Havens" are good enough size to get rid of camping. Add incentive for playing either side? Maybe make it a round based game like many others? More or less thinking a la text.

Feel free to make fun of me to the full extent of your language of choice! OR chime in with some ideas of your own :)

What kind of MP games really make you happy. What kind ruin the atmosphere to the point of sadness?

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@zombiebigfoot: Cheers. My thoughts as well. Even brought me out of forum hibernation to post.....