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Incoming FLamE 6

Gone are the days of classic Resi Survival horror. This is an action game with a resi-skin. The graphics are nice on the character models and a few times through the campaigns i have said out loud "wow that is terrible looking". Other times they pull off the scale Capcom was going for and they do it well.Controls, Controls, Controls.......It reminds me of getting used to Gears of War. At first i was rolling when i wanted to run. Not taking cover when needed. Rolling on the floor like an idiot. A...

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To all the girls i love 3

So listen. I am no fanboy. i could care less which game between this and MW3 sells more copys. But as an oldschool gamer from the beginning of gaming. i will call it how it is. This game is fun. If you like BF games you will like this game. the graphics are decent. (i have everything installed to my HDD) The Gameplay is what you would expect from a BF game. The depth of the MP is great. lots of thing to unlock. Sound is amazing. (using surround sound). Servers are shaky like every other DICE rel...

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A Refreshing Game in a Sea of Mind numbing Easy games 0

This game is a bit tricky. Well worth your time if your an old school gamer who remembers when games were hard. No hand holding. No Relent. Just straight up gameplay that will make you sad and happy in the same hour. If you consider yourself a Action-Rpg Fan hit this up. Dont give up on it and you will be rewarded with a well rounded detailed world with lots of secrets. Watch your back and keep your sheild up!...

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