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@laserbolts said:

I don't have a problem with art style I'm just having a hard time tolerating Fidget. Probably the most annoying character ever.

That's odd, normally I'm easily annoyed by many characters in the same vain as Fidget, however she's one of if not my favorite character in the game.

Fantastic consistent voice acting, great dialogue (e.g. tasteful mocking of game mechanics, interaction with Dust), and an adorable little sister vibe.

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Ryan gave a shoutout on the 2012-05-22 podcast for SimGolf 2 around the 47:00' mark.

If only!

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Toblowski Files and Hardcore History

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@MikeGosot: The way it looked to me was that even if you breeze through world tour the gameplay itself will offer enough content to keep you satisfied, regardless of online interaction. Online things, while looking fleshed out and good in this game, are tertiary to the actual gameplay and variety of locale and equipment.

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He's trying too hard to be coy about topics he's not even sure if he's allowed to talk about. Someone should have done some prep with him.

The any weapon combination seems to be on the rise, with games like Bastion, KoA: Reckoning, and Borderlands 2 now. I wonder if this trend will continue.

He talks about improving story and such, but story isn't my primary concern. I want the environments, the non-combat environments, to feel fleshed out. It felt like nearly every town was a ghost town, NPCs were scarce and bland.

Although it's a seldom used feature, the split-screen online will be nice.

It's funny that he mentions saving content on the cloud, when now all three major platforms (Steam, XBL, PSN) offer cloud-saves. However Playstation Plus subscribers are far fewer than XBL Gold subscribers, so I wonder if they will promote an external cloud save management system to the dismay of Microsoft and Sony.

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@CountMacula: I glimpsed Antarctica and Africa, too. Whatever they have done, it seems like it'll be interesting. And it looks like EA is giving us tons of content, where DLC will actually add to a full game rather than make a game feel more complete.

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Great write up , I am a huge fan of SSX as well. Your blog post is very well written and has good pacing, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Perhaps this point has been made before, but I feel that the skill differential in this game will come from knowledge of lines and efficient use of tricks, as opposed to the constant combo runs, more conservative landings, and crucial placement of "monster" tricks in SSX3. Did you get the same vibe from your experience?

One more question, how do you think the Online features will work if you have few friends that have this game? Is it more globally focused or does it heavily rely on friends active with SSX?

Also, if anyone is interested, there is a very high-level discussion forum for SSX that has maintained activity for years and, if I recall right, a few members have worked with EA on SSX, it's here:

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Steak Venison

Send me a request!

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