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@maluvin: Yarp, look at the first few posts, all from 3 days ago.

Ah I see it now. Front page made it look otherwise for me at first. Thanks.

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@maluvin: He wrote this before the weekend

Did he? It's showing a July 14th publish date for me (specifically talking about Worth Reading, rather than the individual stories cited). Either way if I wasn't clear I had in mind reflective time for the reader. I know that people like stories published as soon as possible after events but think revisiting stories with a couple more days worth of reflective time has some value as well.

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I think having Worth Reading published on a Monday is a good way to go. I was a little wary of the change at first but it's nice seeing a reflective piece that's had the benefit of a weekend's rest and consideration.

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The Far Cry 4 cover controversy has been odd for me. I just never got the impression that the image was showing the character in a positive light or that the image necessarily glossed over potential implications, at least no more so than most game covers that go without comment. Some might argue that an American soldier on the cover of a Call of Duty game is a much more terrifying image in some parts of the world. That's not to necessarily excuse or dismiss that Far Cry image but I guess my point is I'm unclear why that particular image stood out compared to what we see pretty much all the time.

I think about some of controversy surrounding the Luftrauser's art and Rami's commentary about taking interpretations seriously even when the original intention or thought was completely in a different place. I can understand the interpretations even if I don't agree with them.

I will say that there's also something interesting about how a number of people thought the guy was white. I think it might say something about how race and power is tied up in our cultural interpretation of images and scenes. For what it's worth I'm partially of Asian ancestry and I initially thought the guy was white too until I took a closer look. =/

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I've put in about 5 hours so far and I'm having a great time. As a veteran of the old Thief games there's definitely a difference but overall I like what I'm seeing so far. I think others who have enjoyed the game have said most of the points I'd bring up about what I like about it. I think it could have used more technical polish and there are some mobility constraints that could use refining but I think this game does the right things as far as presenting a thieving experience (as opposed to an assassin experience).

On a personal note I've been pretty bummed by the Giant Bomb staff reaction to this particular game. I get not liking this game or stealth games in general because it's definitely not for everyone (much like games like Dark Souls certainly aren't for everyone) but I just feel the tenor of the criticism has been particularly dismissive and that a certain negative attitude kind of set in early on for this title. It's no secret that this title had a troubled development history and there's a part of me that wonders if that's colored things a bit too much. There are certainly some technical things that could be smoother and if the story has weaknesses I absolutely feel comfortable with people voicing their opinion but, man, some of the criticisms of the mechanics (particularly criticism of them being outdated) just seemed to be presented like there was some universally acknowledged truth without nearly enough questioning of whether that was actually the case. I find it a bizarre criticism at a time when lots of older ideas in games are being given a new appreciation.

I don't know - maybe there's been a more involved behind the scenes discussion that didn't make it into the presented Giant Bomb content. There's a part of me that wonders if Vinny or Patrick might not like it better compared to some of the other guys but I have a sense that it won't be given a fair shake under the pressures of time for other titles and that's a shame IMO especially with so many gamers (at their admittedly own expense) taking the staff's opinions as facts.

If the overall experience holds up for me my hope is that the performance issues will see some improvement with patching and that it will do enough with Steam sales to warrant a more refined and accepted sequel.

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@tcsajax: I have to ask: Do you guys keep a copy of John Carpenter's The Thing laying around?

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I still can't believe it. I'm going to miss hearing that dude every week while at my desk and during my workouts. His brand of humor made some otherwise dour or tiring days a bit better than they otherwise would have been. The gift of humor isn't to be overlooked. Going to miss him and I'm just glad I have tons of old podcasts and video to revisit for his unique voice and sense of humor.

I'm going to make it a point to have this time to reflect on things but then keep enjoying life and crackin' wise. I'd like to think he'd appreciate that in some way.

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I'm trying to decide if my gut reaction to that NYT article is right or not. I don't know how seriously I'm supposed to take an article that puts the absence of contoured plastic as something meaningful.

Also, while I won't pretend to know every gaming journalist out there, I honestly didn't recognize many of the tweeted individuals mentioned. It felt like a cherry picked group of tweets for an author who had a personal bone to pick. The author doesn't even really say anything about the platform or technology which would have been a more useful or insightful thing to do.

I think the NYT article is Worth Reading if for no other reason than to show how dismal games reporting can be.

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I wonder if Chris Metzen has turned into George Lucas.

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So just how insane of a goal was selling 3 million within this timeframe for KoA: R? I mean we're talking about a new studio and new IP.

Guess it depends on how they internally handled their budget.