Guilty Crown

Finished watching Guilty Crown earlier today.

Strange anime.

It's rather well made, has nice art and animation, but I just couldn't sympathize any main character until the end of the series. They all seem kind of asshole-ish.

But, man, that second opening is good!

P.S. Those eyes at 0:21, THOSE EYES.

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Sword Art Online

Watched Sword Art Online. Haven't been planning to do it at all, but was kind of bored this weekend and randomly chose this anime.

First half is good. But then it's getting worse. No sense of progression like in first MMO, stupid looking characters (those ears and wings, whyyyyyy) and story is way too short.

Also their real world seems strange. Dude creates a VR game, traps 10k people there for two years and kills half of them. Meanwhile, another VR MMO is released and people gladly go and play it. Sure, who cares. Those VR technologies don't seem dangerous. Like at all.

Watching this anime made me want to play some RPG. Not MMO though. Something like Tales of Graces, I think. Maybe because art style is similar.

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I've played VLR for about 20 hours, opened 5 different endings... and still have absolutely NO IDEA what's going on there on larger scale.

I have a new theory every route, but the ending reveals usually completely destroy it. I like this game!

P.S. Though puzzle rooms are starting to get boring.

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WebMoney client is the worst software I’ve ever met in my entire life. Period.

I've got 7 (seven!) messages on my phone with different authorization codes. I was just trying to teach that damn client to login from this computer! Do sane people really use WebMoney service?

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Visual Novels

Just finished Steins;Gate novel. What an amazing story.

Started to play it right after I finished last episode of anime (which is great too), because I just couldn't get enough of it. And novel is even better since it has all those additional dialogs and scenes. Got to the True Ending in about 27 hours.

Main theme will be stuck in my head for weeks, I think. It evokes so much memories...

And now, since I'm finished with Steins;Gate and Makise Kurisu's figurine is already shipped to me from eBay, I need another visual novel with good story. S;G was my first ever VN, so I'm not quite sure where to look now, though I have some variants.

So, important question.

What's next?

Virtue's Last Reward or Ever17?