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A little late to the party, might as well try though as I really enjoy Horizon.

GT: Kroggi

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I have an extra key now as well, PM me if you want it.

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@3M0SceneStabr said:

Is This thread dead?? ^~^ last post was like 7 months ago. Bur here is my PSM: 3M0SceneStabr :p i literally just got the game yesterday

The whole game is basically dead at this point. SSX came and went pretty fast, which is a shame.

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75. A taxi driver in Hong Kong knows every parking lot in the city as well as clothing stores.

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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast has a church in it right? If I remember correctly you actually do some puzzle solving in that thing to.

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@LiquidPrince: One way you can pull of the shoryuken motion is to press forward, then the fireball motion. Something like; forward, down, down forward, forward.

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I like to listen to music or a podcast while playing games with no story to follow, such as Heroes of Newerth, Street Fighter 4 or Diablo 3.

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I have now tried running several multiplayer saves with none of them working, so I am positive that it is not just a corrupted file.

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@Fenrir: No, when we save the game, everyone is still there. I don't think it is a corrupted save either, because I have deleted all my multiplayer saves and tried again, with the same error popping up.

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I bought Civilization 5 when it was on sale last month but I have just got around to playing it with some friends. The problem I have is that when either I or them try to launch a multiplayer game from a savefile, the game crashes.

This is only when playing multiplayer, I can load savegames in singleplayer just fine.

I have tried searching around the internet but no one seems to have the same problem as me. My system specs are:

Intel Core i5 2500k

Nvidia gtx 580


My PC has no issues running the game with everything maxed out, and I find it weird that civ5 works fine with the one exeption.

I have tried reinstalling the game, putting every setting on the lowest, clearing my cache, running steam diagnotics on the gamefiles, updating drivers and just about everything the steam forums have told me to.

Is this a problem for anyone else, if so, did you find a solution?

This is the screen I am on when the game freezes

When on this screen I can still add or remove AI and invite friends, but as soon as I press "Launch Game" everything stops and I get the "Civilization 5 has stopped working" message.

If anyone knows anything, let me know, I am willing to try anything at this point.