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I pre-ordered Far Cry 3 for what equals to 40 dollars. This is really good if you keep in mind that a new game usually costs around 90 dollars here in Norway.

Pretty happy with that deal.

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I have 3 keys and no use for them. @reply me or PM me if you want one.

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My solution to chasing Lee was to run along side the docks, there were only guards on the road so doing this avoided them completely. I don't even remember the Hickey chase so I don't think I had a problem with it.

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A little late to the party, might as well try though as I really enjoy Horizon.

GT: Kroggi

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I have an extra key now as well, PM me if you want it.

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@3M0SceneStabr said:

Is This thread dead?? ^~^ last post was like 7 months ago. Bur here is my PSM: 3M0SceneStabr :p i literally just got the game yesterday

The whole game is basically dead at this point. SSX came and went pretty fast, which is a shame.

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75. A taxi driver in Hong Kong knows every parking lot in the city as well as clothing stores.

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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast has a church in it right? If I remember correctly you actually do some puzzle solving in that thing to.

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@LiquidPrince: One way you can pull of the shoryuken motion is to press forward, then the fireball motion. Something like; forward, down, down forward, forward.

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I like to listen to music or a podcast while playing games with no story to follow, such as Heroes of Newerth, Street Fighter 4 or Diablo 3.