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170 hours in and not a single legendary.

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That's a really stupid petition. At least try and petition for something that is possible.

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I love using my motorcycle. If you are looking for easy parking and a fast way through traffic, a motorcycle is definitively the way to go. Just don't get one of those super racing bikes with a billion break horsepower, that is overkill.

I don't know how the laws are in other countries but here in Norway you can use your motorcycle in the carpool lane which makes rush hours a breeze.

As you might have noticed, you need to be careful though. You need to think about how you are driving and everyone else, always be on the safe side and don't take any risks.

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I would go 18 years into the future, read old sport results, travel back again and make some cold hard cash.

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I live in Norway, the water here doesn't need to be filtered.

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Closing in on act II Hell difficulty and no legendary items.

I also have one monk at level 45 and a wizard at 32, haven't seen one legendary yet. I think they are very rare.

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I have been using this for a while now!cXd!aZaZba with the exception of swapping out the occasional Rune.

When I started using this build I tried to go for something that helped me deal AoE damage and keeping me alive. The last part is particularly important since I have went for a pure dex gear, the problem with this is that I am maybe halfway through act 2 on nightmare and I am starting to get one shotted.

I think I did a decent job setting up that build, I'm happy with it, at least until I get some new runes and passive abilities.

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@Marz said:

Act 2 Boss, he hits hard... :D

This mixed with stupid positioning is not a good combination.

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Fusion power.

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Wait, people actually believed that stuff? I always thought it was just a bad joke.