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Fusion power.

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Wait, people actually believed that stuff? I always thought it was just a bad joke.

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@Sweep said:

@Kodo_Beast: Honestly, though, health isn't the issue I have when playing puck, it's mana regen mid-game. Even with a bottle/wand I seem to be constantly short of mana - usually because I prioritise my blink before anything else, which just soaks up a load of gold...

Orchid Malevolence is a great item pickup for Puck. It gives you more damage, attack speed, mana reg and of course the silence. I usually go for Orchid right after Blink Dagger and then into Sheepstick for an even bigger mana pool.

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Some mad salty news bro.


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This is the perfect time to build a gaming PC. Now that consoles are starting to fall behind you really get something from playing you games on a PC.

I built myself a nice PC last year and i expect it to last for quite some time.

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However it's all made up with the chocolate letters she sends us every Christmas and the fucking amazingly awesome Stroopwafel, quite possibly the greatest cookie known to man.

High Five for having an Oma giving you chocolate letters!

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There is a lot of Razer hate in this thread. I currently use a Razer Naga and I prefer it to my old logitech G5, it feels way better in my hand.

My guess is that it is all subjective. When looking for a mouse you should first figure our how you hold it in your hand, do you use a palm grip, or a claw grip? When you know this it will be much easier to find a mouse that suits you.

You should no matter what brand you end up getting, get a so called "gaming" mouse. They are more expensive but definitely better than perhaps a comfort mouse.

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Did the Quen spell get nerfed? I see a lot of people saying you have to use everything in you arsenal but when I played through the game on Dark difficulty I just used Quen and ran in with my sword. Also rolling is a good thing.

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It says on Metacritic Giantbomb gave the game a score of 40 which means two stars, right? Anyways, the link just leads to a 404 page, so I guess it's gone.

EDIT: here is the quote from the review

Instead of making excuses for Lost: Via Domus, I would just recommend that everyone but the most die-hard of Lost fans take a pass on this one.

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