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Microsoft does it and people flip out saying it's bad. Steam does it and everyone's excited. Bunch of hypocrites. But hey at least I can sell my used game on Steam....oh wait.

Different platforms, different plans, different markets, different players. What Microsoft wanted to do was to completely remove the option of selling used games from its system, and the account sharing stuff only worked locally. Are you saying you honestly can't see the difference between that and Steam's approach? We know you hate PC gaming, but, come on... it's something so basic and obvious that it goes beyond your blind fanboyism!

ok no need to be a jerk about it guys. He actually has a perfectly valid point, Microsoft were trying to emulate Steam with their policies very directly.

I think the real point of contention is that people still trust Valve... they had an extremely bumpy controversial time launching Steam. Valve however weren't launching their own hardware platform and could afford to push through all the negativity and earn the trust they now have. Microsoft on the other hand have not earned anyones trust over the way their digital distribution methods work. Games on Demand prices are still absurdly high compared to retail prices and the confusing profile system still in effect on the 360 doesn't help matters.

Its not that Microsoft didn't have some good ideas they just went about communicating them very badly and haven't put the work in to earn the consumer trust that would allow them to go ahead with these kinds of policies. They backed down as a bumpy launch for a console along side its competitor would have been suicide... shortsighted on their part really.

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Well I'm definitely leaning heavily toward getting a PS4 now. TBH alt of it is just I don't trust Microsoft anymore and Sony have shown they want to cater to me not the Publishers that want to rip their customers off.

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Ok come on Alex you don't have to be that Jaded all the time... The Division looked friggin awesome and they made it extremely clear what that game was and what the premise entailed.

Putting it simply: A super virus spreads at a bad time of year causing chaos and you are part of a team designed to maintain national stability in such an instance. pretty straightforward.

Between The Crew, Watchdogs, Rayman Legends and The Division Ubi had an extremely impressive looking lineup in my opinion.

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Hmm seems like he could have a serious case for Wrongful Dismissal against the CRA.

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I'm affraid nobody living today will have to worry about these problems in their lifetime.

Why would you say that? Less than 50 years ago, space travel was near non-existent and no human being had ever set foot on another planetary body. Now, we have HD feeds from giant robots on another planet, a satellite that has ventured outside the solar system, and a semi-permanent base in space. In another 50 years, we could very feasibly have an established group of astronauts living on Mars, maintaining a local intranet. Plenty of people alive today will live to see ideas like this realized and perhaps even exceeded.

Its going to be awfully hard colonising other planets without finding a sustainable source of food or energy, which we should have done by now. Basically we have about 50 years before we are going to be sitting in the dark starving at this point unfortunately.

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@Manatassi: Holy shit dude, relax. It's just a study. This is no cause for tossing out paragraph breaks.

aww yeh the site edits out all formatting when you post from a phone/iPad etc



i can



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@Manatassi: 2/10 troll post too obvious mate.


>Rights are given by God.

All of Human history called America, it would like to have a word with you.

lol hey i wasn't trolling simply adding my own pointless comments to the masses.

methinks if I was trolling I would have made something objectionable rather than smartass, there is a difference :)

It is impossible and rather pointless to have a serious discussion on topics like Gun Control and Religion etc etc in a gaming forum. I'm pretty sure its been tried a few times and to date hasn't solved the problem. So I cant see the need to take the topic seriously here, thus I don't, hence Smartassery :)

Trolling is much easier if you simply state a volatile topic simply and not overly aggressively but without room for negotiation or the possibility of changing your mind. Far more infuriating to the people you are trying to troll. :) but also a little boring and humourless so meh I will stick to my Smartass comments with caveats to diffuse annoyance thanks :P

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Lol oh America and your insistence on ignoring to the point of creepy cultishness the correlation between the availability of guns in the general populace and the murder rate. Sigh. I guess the rest of us just get to watch and cover our faces with our palms as you repeatedly come up with more and more absurd studies into whatever random boogieman is making people shoot each other this week. Oh but they cry our civil liberties we are so scared of our government if we don't have guns they will oppress us! Funny how if you look at the murder rates and the availability of guns a significant amount of nations who have easy access to guns are dictatorships or highly questionable governments. But America of course cannot compare itself to the rest of the world as they are the chosen people of god... at least if you ignore the fact that the predominant faith in America names the Jewish people as their gods chosen people but hey who am I to stand in the way of the refusal to accept logic as a viable reasoning tool rather than dogmatic repetition of propaganda. To be honest I feel sorry for the sane and intelligent among you who are forced to live in a nation of madmen ruled by fear of their government and paranoia. Then again many of us have to put up with our own foolish fear filled imbeciles spouting their own brand of dogmatic anti-thought. Here's a thought to be soundly rejected by those of you so inclined, if you fear your government so much yet profess to live in a democratic nation then simply elect another government. A novel idea I know but how about it? Don't bother spouting the usual anti whatever nationality you decide I am none sense at me I'm sure I've heard it before, the foolish rarely have original thoughts. If you suddenly find yourself filled with hatred toward me for expressing this thought I had no intention of expressing it to you so feel free to go punch a pillow or even do something constructive just to show me how wrong I am, hey you never know you might like it :) most of what I'm saying is tongue in cheek and meant to be taken that way. Oh and if you want references go google it I can't be bothered to do it.... Aaagain.

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Hmm I didn't quite get the level of annoyance the guys expressed or to be honest the degree they were disappointed with the story. I found it at most a little underwhelming for a couple of missions just before the end but he rest seemed perfectly fine. If I didn't know better I would suspect the guys of deliberately trying to provoke some kind of response or just being overly dramatic about it. The good characters were pretty damn well done and the rest were simply on a par with most games out there so I'm a bit at a loss as to why the level of hate. At worst Jason's friends were just inoffensive I certainly didn't have it affect my enjoyment of the game. Although I did complete the game on the 360 and the weird frame rate things they keep going on about failed to appear either. I'm starting to suspect Ubisoft sent them a different version of the game from the one I played.

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Ok so having completed Farcry 3 on the 360 I was expecting to hit some serious frame rate problems from all the comments the giantbomb crew made about he game. Weirdly it never happened, is the issue specific to some models of 360 (I'm using my launch one still) or have Ubisoft patched the problem out since the guys played it? It runs around 30fps most of the time sometimes dipping a little during heavy action sequences it the final helicopter section ran the same as he rest of the game. Left me a bit confused albeit not complaining.

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Well this will be the first Nintendo console in 20 Years I wont be buying at launch, its going to take more this time after the complete letdown that was that Wii. So far this looks worse than the Wii, that console at least sold bucket loads to the casual waggle gaming crowd... I cant see who exactly this is for.


Nintendo you make me sad :(