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I played a lot of the first one but I want to know if this game will run on my current rig and doesn't give me motion sickness. Are there any news of free trial?

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I have a wishlist of games that haven't come out yet. I will also like to see the release date of the game in that list. Are there any plans to add release date in game lists?

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I'm not sure if it's from PSN just being back on or the MK servers, but I have 2 main gripes for playing online for the first time this weekend on the PS3:

  1. It takes 5+ min or much longer to find a Player or Ranked match
  2. The lag is the worst I have seen in a fighting game.  Blazblue, SF4 and Tekken 6 run silky smooth online.
I hope they fix the above 2 issues, it's unplayable at the moment.
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They forgot to display the Canadian province names.

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The cheapest I've seen so far is at $64.99 from Toys R Us.  Not sure if it's the in store price too but from their web site, it displays this price as a pre-order online:

Video Game Plus has it at 59.99 from their web site: 

I might sit down on this and wait for a price drop to 59.99 if the above doesn't turn out to be true.

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I will wait for an end of year sale before I purchase this game.

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Wow, that means I can play multiplayer peacefully with no GFWL through this new expansion.

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Starcraft 2 was the last game that got me pumped.  After playing the beta, I have calmed down a lot.  However, watching that new MK video got me all excited again.  I really like the art direction and 2D plane that it's going for.  2011 can't come fast enough.

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I love the VF series, I'm hoping it will come on PS3 and 360 with online functionalities.