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i hope this leads to a revival of Load Our Last Save's & 90's FMV games

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@shadowskill11: Vinny was always a fan as was Matt. They're both pumped for 2 and wanted to run through it before it came out, and Patrick probably feels really bad about shutting it out of GotY talks the year it came out

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If it weren't for Spill there's a lot of stuff i wouldn't have checked out. It was sad to see it go but reading some other peoples replies it didn't come as much of a shock that they went belly up. Like a lot of other people I stopped checking in regularly a while ago, about a year and a half, and every time I went back things were ending, line ups were changing, and it all seemed like a mess. And Korey always seemed moody and down, like he knew this day was probably coming; like a ship slowly sinking.

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i still love the N64 Mario Party games, so it's a super bummer to see the hot garbage they became. can't Nintendo do what they always do and remake those games like 20 times?

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The craziness of Trevor is a shallow interpretation of him. He's a sociopath with his own warped ideas of right, wrong, justice, and loyalty. Personally, what I found so interesting about the character was how the madman only made up only half of his character. He was also a sad man, a lonely man, a man that needs praise and approval, and someone that's still a naive child. You don't have to agree, i don't expect you to, but i figured i'd explain what i liked about the character. That being said, we both killed him but for different reasons.

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dividing is inviting

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looks cool i'm just too stupid to play it well

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one of my favorite quicklooks

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a punch to the gut to start off the day; i have no words

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The song is just cheesy and cliche enough to work; good job