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But Alex.. Where is Big Rigs? Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, should be GOTY every year..

it was that video Alex did all those years ago that would eventually lead me down this path to Giantbomb

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I'll be kind of bummed if this comes out soon. With Ultra SF4 having just come out in the middle of the year this'll really split the player base.

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The AC franchise is my Dynasty Warriors, it's mindless power-fantasy fun that you don't have to think about. I've tried not to bring the business decisions of Ubisoft into it and muddy the waters, but at this point i'm telling them it's ok to do this every time i give them my money.

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An industry that is trying to mature doesn't need this kind of award show; it's tacky and undermines the growth that's been made in recent years.

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wouldn't it be more of a story if nintendo actually did something right regarding anything online?

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it was already tricking getting friends to wanna check out Unity, guess i'll put this on the back burner for a good long while now

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the internet makes it way too easy for people to act like human garbage

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@hassun said:

This is pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Should we be expecting a PC release as well?

that's kind of a big Playstation exclusive, and those never come out on PC

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i hope this leads to a revival of Load Our Last Save's & 90's FMV games

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@shadowskill11: Vinny was always a fan as was Matt. They're both pumped for 2 and wanted to run through it before it came out, and Patrick probably feels really bad about shutting it out of GotY talks the year it came out