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A Bit More Lasting Power This Time Around 0

This series definitely recaptures and improves upon the Beat 'Em Ups framework set up by games like Final Fight and Streets Of Rage. With waves of enemies and tight controls the combat is the main show. The fault with Shank came with the all-to-brief campaign. And although Shank 2 isn't any longer the restructured multi-player is what'll keep this title fresh for that much longer.The combat remains mostly untouched with little additions like a dodge roll and alternate weapon types, along with a ...

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Mass Effect 3: The Deathly Hallows 0

The Mass Effect story is a three part arc, and even though there are many planet sized fire fights the main show is running into old and very old friends to say your goodbyes. And as my title suggests you can't usher in galactic salvation without cracking a few eggs.As the final act of Shepard's story Bioware keeps new faces to a minimum. New characters like Vega aren't necessarily bad so much as they're the new kids with nothing to say. And honestly, it's hard to compete with veteran characters...

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A Nice Enough Try You Mays As Well Give It The Cigar 0

Although it may not have come back as strong as SFIV, SSX does a solid job of walking the line between updating the franchise and retaining what fans love. That being said, there's still enough missteps to make me periodically sigh in the middle of all this arcadey bliss.SSX manages to nail the biggest parts that make the series fun; blinding speed, impossible tricks, and a relationship so casual with gravity you'd think the Earth was trying to shove these characters into orbit. From there the g...

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Instant Classic 0

If you know what dark Souls is then you probably have more than just a casual interest in games. While the rest of the world drools over Battlefield 3 and MW3, Dark Souls rewards the diligent with an amazing world, combat, customization, and level of accomplishment that can only be felt after hours of frustration.In a era of soft games Dark Souls refuses to coddle the player. From Software assumes two things: that you know your way around a controller and that you can figure things out for yours...

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The Ultimate Rock Band 0

   I gotta be honest the first two RB's never really wowed me. Both the lack of music variety and general novelty would wear off pretty soon. So I wasn't particularly thrilled about the prospect of a new entry, but the sheer polish, variety, and customization gave my attitude a total 180. And it makes it that much worse that the greatest Rock Band experience comes in a time where the rhythm genre has bottomed out and most will never give it a chance.      Unlike Activision, Harmonix seems to und...

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Forgetably Average 0

   I'd like to start by pointing out that I'd probably would have given this a lower rating if i had actually bought it, my uncle bought it and i gave it a go while i was back home. I've never been fond of the iron sight twitchyness of current shooters, where most of the guns are assault rifles and you die every 2 seconds from random gunfire. But I LOVE Team Fortress 2 and man does this game try to be that. The problem is that the levels are cluttered with so much crap and the characters are ind...

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An Excellent First Outing 0

   This game's gonna be compared to RDR a whole heck of a lot and I just don't think that's a fair assessment. RDR is the culmination of years of refinement to the GTA formula that resulted in what can arguably be the finest sandbox experience ever. A more accurate comparison would be LA Noire and GTA 3, two landmarks titles that took elements of previous work to create a new experience in an ocean of mediocrity and recycled concepts.    The only faults I can come up with are a lackluster ending...

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a continued legacy of quality 0

With the first Portal we were given a bite sized puzzle game that introduced us to the mind bending concept of portals, physics, and momentum. And in this sequel we get a full blown title with a more robust campaign and the addition of multi player.   I could spend time talking about all the awesome parts of this game but there are 40+ reviews doing that already. There's really only one complaint i have about this game. Valve does such a perfect job of pacing the introduction of all the new puzz...

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the epitome of rental 0

Although not a bad game the overall experience is short, unchallenging, and generally shallow.    As your introduced to the combat it seems well enough but when the game is over you realize that nothing really changed. The same button mashing you do at the beginning will serve you well to the end. With the only incentive to mix it up being to see the different strike animations play out.    The characters look relatively nice and the world is a nice vibrant spin on the dystopia theme, until the ...

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Hardcore Catering 0

It's nice to see attention still going towards hardcore gaming in an era of increasingly bloated cash-in casual titles. Although I consider myself a gamer I've never faired well when it came to fighting games. But the over-the-top east meets west spectacle of the MvC series has managed to work its way into my heart when it probably shouldn't have.    Thankfully the combat has been "dumbed down" for guys like me that are on the fence about fighting games. With less buttons to worry about memorizi...

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