GiantBomb's Group! 360 Leaderboard! 360/PS3 matching!

Maybe this will be the end-all to the endless 360 gamertag threads, PSN name threads, and the defunct 360 leaderboard that hasn't been updated due to the problems using

What Do I Do?

Simply head on over to and join the group! Don't have an account? Sign up for one. Then make sure you update your profile, and add your 360 gamertag and games, as well as your Playstation Network name and PS3 games too!

But Wait, Why Should I?

Because after you do, you can then see what other Giant Bombers you should add to your respective lists. The system matches players up by what games in their library they have in common. You can also see where you land on the Giant Bomb 360 Gamerscore Leaderboard, which is automatically updated nightly. No more waiting for a manual list to be created. It's right there!

You can also setup as many smaller groups as you wish on the site, and be a part of them all at once. This way you can have a smaller leaderboard for your offline friends, and the big Giant Bomb on for all of us! It's easy as pie! Or being on a boat, whatever metaphor you want to insert here really.

Who Made This? Are You Getting The Money From The Ads? Who Are You?

No, I did not make this. This guy did. He's also this guy, who as you can see is not the same as me. I come from Shacknews and various other websites on the net, and figured since I was a long-time listerner to the podcast, I would be better off using my wiki-editing talents here than on my previous ventures.