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@hellbound: Yes, but he said today that he sees a lot of the gameplay as a chore. Not too many other ways of interpreting that, y'know? I wouldn't want to keep playing a game that felt like a chore.

Edit: By today I of course mean in episode 7.

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@berserker976: I dunno. Have you seen the latest episode (ep 7)? He looked a little frustrated when he kept having to take calls in the jail cell and stuff. I mean yeah it probably is his favourite part of the game but MGS 2 goes way way overboard with it. Like I said above, the codec stuff is really grating (take this from a huge fan of the game). If he does do it, it'll be interesting to see whether or not he enjoys it at all.

@artisanbreads: I'm with you in as much as you can't shoot your way through MGS 2. I just replayed it last week and you don't really have any other choice but to hide when they come at you, because there're so god damned many of them and they start turning up wearing armour and stuff. I don't think patience is Drew's problem, he just needs to get to grips with the stealth. In a game without the modern trappings of a stealth game like modern Splinter Cell games (cover to cover, stuff like that), it's going to be hard.

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Whenever people ask me what my favourite game of all time is... Honestly, I often say it's Killer7.

I don't know if I could go back. I don't know if I want to go back. If they did a HD remake, I would run back, though.

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I'm with Dan when I say that you can make a strong case for every Metal Gear Solid game being the best one. Metal Gear Solid 2 was a great game. Do I think that Drew will have the patience to get through it? Fuck. No.

MGS 2 goes one step further with the lengthy scenes of dialogue and codec conversations. The codec stuff in particular. It being used as a stand-in for actual cutscenes (lest people eavesdrop...) was a nightmare. I would love to see his reaction the last few hours, but I don't think it's going to happen. Unless Dan really sells it to him after this feature is done with. Maybe the cliffhanger at the end and the promise of nonsense and better controls will sell him.

I have to wonder if Drew would be more hot on the game if he had played Twin Snakes instead.

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Final Fantasy IX is my favourite game in the FF series. Vivi is probably my favourite character in that game too. He definitely went through the most character development. It's almost like he is the main character, despite Zidane's development as well. The whole story about the black mages and their inevitable doom is just brilliant.

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@oscar__explosion: Yeah I was also inspired my Metal Gear Scanlon to do a good old fashioned MGS marathon... and I just finished MGS 2 as well. Despite what Dan is saying about having more options and stuff, there are still going to be parts that drive him absolutely mental.

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@bisonhero: Weren't the VR missions released AFTER the game and served as a challenge mode after you've beaten the game?

Yeah, they were, but in spirit they're supposed to be training missions Snake would've done before going on a mission or something, so I think it's ironic that they get way tougher than any of the rooms in actual MGS1. I wish Drew would've played the basic VR missions to pick up some very basic concepts, like "only shoot a boss once because then they're invincible for like 2 seconds", "lean up against walls because it lets you watch people outside of your radar while still being concealed", and "you should be using the SOCOM to take people out silently if you need to, it just takes like 3 quick shots". While MGS1 is more demanding than the later games (in that your health starts out really low and grows after each boss fight instead of you just getting it all up front, plus guards immediately call an alert unless you hit them within half a second of them seeing you), Drew seems like he's afraid of the gameplay at this point.

I wholeheartedly agree that Drew still seems very ill at ease with the controls after over 6 hours spent playing the game. He really does seem scared to do anything, which I guess could be attributed to not wanting to waste time while recording a video. Still maybe he should just load up the game and dick around in his spare time rather than discover everything from scratch each time they sit down and play.

Still I love the feature and if they ACTUALLY continue playing onto MGS2 and so forth I will be ecstatic. Something tells me that they might cut it after MGS1 though.

Having watched the latest episode (7) I have to agree. Drew seems so cool on it so far. It's like, he's having fun with the general silliness and does seem to be listening to the story when it gets serious but it seems like the parts of the game that are a bit more dated and just generally the gameplay and the concepts seem to be frustrating him more than entertaining him.

He said at one point that "getting through a room of guys is a chore for me" and that he goes into big rooms full of dudes and is just bothered that he has to struggle through it.

What worries me is that he'll see this through to the end and not bother with MGS 2, certainly not in a feature because he'd probably rather play it at his own pace if at all. I'd be thrilled if it did continue to be a feature and man, if he managed to get all the way through to MGS 4 then I'd be amazed, but I think he'll almost certainly lose motivation before that point.

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I did not enjoy Halo. I'm not a huge Sci-fi / space opera fan. Unpopular opinion, perhaps, but it just isn't my cup of tea.

Therefore, the story does not interest me whatsoever. I'm playing for the fun shooting mechanics, loot-driven gameplay, etc. The story has no bearing on my enjoyment of the game at all. I do wish I could skip it all really.

That being said I loved Mass Effect so it's not as though I'm completely against hearing a space story if it is any good but what I've seen of this, it's just..Not.

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After watching this latest episode I'm genuinely scared that Drew just isn't having a good time playing the game... I think our hopes for a Metal Gear Scanlon 2: Sons of Scanlon feature are going to be short lived :(

We're relying on you Dan to keep him motivated!

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If you go to MGS part 5 click download and change both dates to yesterdays and the part to 07 you should be able to watch it.

Wow, yeah that actually worked, awesome!