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I'm pretty bummed about it actually. It's definitely the best thing for him and it could even end up being the best thing for the site but I just don't want to see a UPF without Vinny anymore :(

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I have killed one in my DS 2 career and nothing happened... It didn't lead me into any traps (maybe I killed it too quickly for that) and it didn't explode.

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@dudeglove: For weapons, the most commonly used at SL1 are the Hand Axe and Mace. Mace is great because enemies are generally weak against Strike weapons. For shields, most people use Blue Wooden Shield or two hand the Royal Kite Shield. People have suggested a Pyro-run, but from my experience, unless you use herbs, the DPS is pretty low for fire spells. I went with the Mace early on until I decided to two hand the Royal Kite Shield and throw holy water urns behind that. Enemies with high def against consumables, I used Toxic and Poison mists + dung pies.

Indeed, I mean I'm not doing an SL 1 run (I don't think I'll ever be that good) but the mace has seen me through the game wonderfully.

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Me and my girlfriend used to play drinking Mario kart... It got out of hand quick. Rules such as if you fell off the track, you had to drink until you were back on. Rainbow Road really did a number on us.

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GTA 5. Will probably remain there until DS 2 comes out, my ps4 is wired in at the minute.

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I enjoy the climbing gloves as well, it just seems to make life so much easier. Jetpack is also pretty great, and then of course, the shotgun.

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They were still running the army of two DEMO server?! Jeez. Not real savvy there.

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If you're still buying movie tie-ins you're stupid.

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Texture pop-in on a game made in Unreal engine? Who'd have thought it.

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Just snagged a copy of Magicka, after trading in another game I had on that Green Man site, I managed to get it for £1.74 or something, that's so awesome. Thanks a lot for the heads up man, I'd have totally missed it  otherwise :D