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I'm terribly wary of getting excited for an AC game again. I was fully aboard the hype train for Unity and got fucked, to put it bluntly.

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Even my human character has been off-frame in a couple of scenes, but I imagine that problem is a bit more prevalent with the bigger and smaller characters.

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I've noticed that Dan has been in a lot of quick looks but I do love him in them. I'll echo what other people have said; he's positive almost to a fault and it makes him very admirable in my eyes, and I don't think I could ever get bored of hearing all of his crazy stories.

Some are cautionary tales, some are truly inspiration, all of them are gripping.

It's also worth noting we're getting more content now than we were a few months ago, and Metal Gear Scanlon and Mario Party Party are some of my favourite features since Spelunkin with Scoops and even Random PC Game.

I'm pro Dan!

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Peterborough, United Kingdom!

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Whatever happened to that heart monitor thing?

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Destiny has some very good music at parts. I don't love that game by any stretch of the imagination but some of those tracks are real good. The guys did already talk about it on the bombcast at one point and I don't think Jeff was all that hot on it.

Alien Isolation had some real good stuff... although I suppose with some of it it was hard to separate the music from the sound design.

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Honestly, it's a little bit embarrassing at this point, isn't it. I mean the game has been out long enough now that anyone who was going to wait for the free version has seen that it is not an exemplary game even after excusing the technical issues and probably are not going to buy it at all. Shame.

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Happy to see an actual acknowledgement of the issues. I have hope that the people affected can soon live safely in the comfort that they are a necessary part of what makes this community of nerds awesome. Developers like Quinn and critics like Sarkeesian are credit to the growing media that is video games. Continue being awesome team GB.

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@hellbound: Yes, but he said today that he sees a lot of the gameplay as a chore. Not too many other ways of interpreting that, y'know? I wouldn't want to keep playing a game that felt like a chore.

Edit: By today I of course mean in episode 7.