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Me and my girlfriend used to play drinking Mario kart... It got out of hand quick. Rules such as if you fell off the track, you had to drink until you were back on. Rainbow Road really did a number on us.

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GTA 5. Will probably remain there until DS 2 comes out, my ps4 is wired in at the minute.

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I enjoy the climbing gloves as well, it just seems to make life so much easier. Jetpack is also pretty great, and then of course, the shotgun.

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They were still running the army of two DEMO server?! Jeez. Not real savvy there.

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If you're still buying movie tie-ins you're stupid.

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Texture pop-in on a game made in Unreal engine? Who'd have thought it.

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Just snagged a copy of Magicka, after trading in another game I had on that Green Man site, I managed to get it for £1.74 or something, that's so awesome. Thanks a lot for the heads up man, I'd have totally missed it  otherwise :D

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@RE_Player92 said:

Look for a job immediately and start saving to get out of the house. I'm going to be in my 2nd year of university this upcoming fall. After that I have 2 more years until I am able to teach. As soon as I have a steady job and income I'm out. In the meantime I try to cause 0 problems for my parents because they are willing to house and feed me in my time of need. My brother on the other hand is in his 5th year of university and he has no idea what he's going to do, don't become like him get out there and find a job.

Couldn't agree more. I'm going to be starting at university in the fall and I'm moving out to go, so as to cause no problems for my parents. I know they'll support me from afar when I need the extra help, but yeah. I think you need to realise it's very frustrating for parents who think they're going to have to keep you forever and pay for you forever when you're old enough and qualified enough to be getting out and working. You definitely need to keep at it because as someone already said, it's very easy to just put it off for ages and then before you realise it, you've wasted a year not working, playing video games and sponging off your father.
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Only idiots would hate on you for being a new player. In fact they'd probably like it for the easy kills ;) Just stick in there and enjoy the game! Like @Marz said, payload is a good start. 

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Well, it's not gonna happen in my life time, so I don't really care.