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I really want to jump in having never played any Souls games and hearing so much hype around this new release. Can someone recommend a good "Let's Play" series on YouTube or elsewhere so I can catch up on the story bits? Is it better to just go in blind and not worry about the story?

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I too have noticed odd audio hiccups. Its usually just a skip forward in time a few seconds or milliseconds. Noticeably disruptive.

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I agree 100%. However I don't think that Microsoft's original vision need be left behind in their new DRM structure. Here's how I imagine it could be accomplished so everyone wins.

Perhaps, instead of requiring a disc be in the console despite having all its contents loaded on an HDD, you could activate a game's ownership rights on your account temporarily.

Each game would have a unique "CD-key" attached to it much like on the PC which you can choose to input (hopefully via a QR code). If you input the code it will lock down that disc to your account specifically so you no longer need to place it in your console (the same as if you downloaded it).

Then if you want to resell/trade/trade-in this game you select the option from the start menu to generate a new code. This game would now unplayable on your system without the disc (as it would be currently) and you are sent an email with a new slip you can print out and place back in the game box. The point of resale could then scan the code to make sure it is unused before accepting the sale.

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I've come up with a technique to rack up literally hundreds of thousands of coins in one sitting. Basically it comes down to a balance of tapping randomly and coordinated taps later on. There are two mechanics you need to understand to use my system, combos and clears. Combos- If you have played for any amount of time you are familiar with the combo system. The more you tap without missing or taking too long between taps, the higher your combo. Clears- Clears depend on zooming all the way in and destroying all blocks in your window. The higher your combo multiplier determines how much of a bonus you get for clearing the window. My technique starts with tapping at the most zoomed out view that you can still tap on. Tap as quickly as possible and continue to readjust the view to give yourself plenty of room as to not miss and drop your combo. Once you get around 10x or higher (I usually stop around 15x), then quickly zoom all the way into an untouched zone and quickly start to clear the entire window. Once you clear the window you'll most likely get around 10000 coins or higher. Now you just readjust your view every time you clear the window and continue to rack up coins. (I've gotten as much as 20000 for a single clear this way!) Additional hints- Clear the windows with patterns rather than a boring line by line approach, it's just more fun and satisfying. Once you start to clear a window DO NOT readjust it until you have cleared it or you will get much less coin. This is because the amount of coins you get from a clear is a factor of your multiplier as well as the amount of blocks present upon beginning the clear. Soon you'll have enough coins to start buying picks and this technique works with picks as well for a much faster and higher reward! You can expect to be dealing with millions of coins within one sitting if your good enough! Any other techniques that people have found? --- 360 Gamertag- DManco25 PSN ID: DMancus

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This is ridiculous. How does changing the name of the enemy make any difference? You are still getting points for killing american soldiers in mass numbers. The more you kill in a row, the better you do. That is disrespectful. Calling the enemies what they are isn't.

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Hats will fly off if you hit them just the right way leaving the wearer unharmed (not terribly hard).  
I changed my horse controls to camera relative, much easier IMO, just don't spam the spur button and you won't fly off.