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RIP to a man who has forever changed how I view this medium. Thank you Ryan, we'll miss you.

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This is why I love giant bomb. As my first e3 I was shocked by the lack of professionalism by many in the crowd. There is nothing wrong with being excited about an upcoming game, but that's not the sort of thing I'm referring to. I was constantly walking around people snapping shots of woman. I watched one bloke spending upwards to five minutes getting one in frame. I also don't like the fact that many of the presenters where quick to compliment how well I'm playing their game. It all just comes off as these companies not thinking very highly of us.

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My wife and I are both students working on trying to break through on the indie scene. We're big believers in doing things the hard way, so we saved up for colledge before taking the plunge. Because of that, we're on our last year of school but past our mid 20s. This can be a bit disheartening but instead of dwelling on it we've begun working on our first game. We're about a month in and still in the pre alpha stage.

Our game is called Elizabeth; what if you're not the chosen one? It plays around with the whole idea that every rpg is basically the same story. Your a chosen one who has to go out, have some grand adventure and then save the day. You may lose a party member here or there, but it all turns out for the best In Elizabeth, the chosen one is no longer in the picture. Instead you must make due with what's avaiable. The biggest trouble we've run into is finding artists that have expereince working with isometric 2d sprites. Seems that new fangled polygon thing has everyone working in maya, who would have guessed?

The wife and I spent the days before E3 working on a little trailer, it should give anyone reading this a better idea of what the game will be like.

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Oh shit, I never really thought about that. I'll remove it myself then

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My wife and I have been working on a small indie game called Elizabeth. We're still in early stages (we don't even have a full time artist yet), but I think this trailer gives a good little slice of what the narrative is like. We're shooting to have a demo by the end of the year, but would love to hear what people think... and yes, we know that the art is still very barren.

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If you don't need OS X for any specific reason you shouldn't get a mac.  

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We all know that DLC can be a bit of a double edged sword. But I don't think we give enough credit to the developers that do something really cool with their DLC. Something besides map packs or updates we've come to expect. DLC that compliments some of the undefined features, or shows that the developers didn't stop thinking of the game when it went gold. I'll start off, hopefully someone else will jump in.

I recently jumped back into Metal Gear Solid 4 and found that it has tons of awesome (and free) dlc. Within the extra menu lies all sorts of great things, but my favorite has to be the metal gear integral podcast. It's essentially a developers cometary on the game, but was released monthly between June 2008-May 2009. It's great because of how it was integrated in the game. After downloading it you'd have to pull out the in game Ipod and keep it equipped while playing. It gave great insights on the game and really showed the love the developers had over it. Besides the podcasts where also some damn silly (yet awesome) things. Like a bunch of random camo downloads that had magical effects. My favorite being one that caused snake to smell so bad that it caused NPCs to get knocked out if they touched him.   

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Thanks, I found an artist that was able to do them up for me at a decent price.  As for the challenge, the game is in no short supply of that.  It's pretty easy to just keep one Pearl up and about.  But every 350 points, another pearl is dropped in.  Once you get past 1 it really gets hectic.  Also once you hit 500 points "clam shatter" mode kicks in.  It's like missile commander, when a pearl hits a clam it causes it to shatter.  Though if you survive that you'll be rewarded with another life and a new row of clams. 
Honestly, its fun.   
And the folks that have picked it up all seem to like it.  

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I got my fill of Zelda with majoras mask.  Now that was fantastic.

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One month later and I've just rolled out my first major update.  New graphics, new physics, new music, new new new....
I don't plan on making much cash of this one, it was more of an experiment to get to know the toolset I'm using.  But hell, might as well toss in a gameplay vid.
Its out now in the app store for 1 buck.  That's like a third of the price of Jeff's energy drinks!  (Update should go live by the end of this week)