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I like video-games.

Quite evidently, you're on the wrong website.

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@No0b0rAmA: My point was that the criticism was levelled at something the OP never said.

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@mandude: Western European Governments are Western Democracies.

It still has nothing to do with what I said?

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Look at the Western Democracies in Europe. They're worse than the United States.

Who mentioned Europe? I'm saying that Corruption in America will have a much higher percentile rank when the pool of comparison is limited to Western Democracies (as the OP said), rather than The World (which was the criticism levelled at OP). I also said that the index is bollocks, which is fairly important to consider here.

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The United States isn't among the worlds most corrupt governments.

To be fair, he did say Western Democracies. Even so, by virtue of the fact that Ireland somehow places in the top 20, renders this silly index irredeemably flawed and therefore void.

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Even though I don't vote, I probably wouldn't sell it.

But for you, Contrarian, I'd be willing to make an exception, if you made me a cup of tea or something.

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Can one be too many?

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I don't now, and can't imagine I ever will.

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I grew up playing games where I could count the pixels. I couldn't give a shit about your 30fps.

This is probably a better FPS Comparison Tool than the one mentioned before.

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That sucks. I really feel for these people. I'm still waiting for Gabe Newell to get back to me over a similar matter.