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I'm not sure I've ever been in a relationship with someone within my race, and it's really never been an issue with anyone I know.

(Christ, what do I have against white people?)

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Mostly avatars, but I remember using usernames a lot more on the old site.

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Currently using DS3, so as soon as DS4 is working, I'll use that.

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Dragon Age II. Could not give a fuck what reviewers have to say since playing that game.

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I googled something to the effect of "video game forum" and settled on the first one that didn't have design principles from early last decade.

I had just moved to Alaska, so I wanted some form of human contact to prevent me from going mad.

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Movies are too short to include anything of substance, and TV shows are far too fucking dragged out. Even the good ones become ridiculously cumbersome and turn to shite, eventually.

I'm generalising here, but yeah. I prefer TV shows, but not by a lot. Sometimes it's nice to be able to sink a few hours into something passive and mindless when I can't sleep.

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I don't really have a problem with that. There are only a few of them (who aren't new), and I think it defines them well enough.

The real problem are those assholes who do pick an avatar, and then change it every month or so.

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That's disappointing. I've nothing against tits, but I certainly wont be going to Final Fucking Fantasy for them.

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I thought that chivalry had something to do with knights?

Well, whatever it is we're talking about, I think it's horrendously old fashioned. If I were to have treated any of my girlfriends "like a lady", they'd laugh at me and wonder what fucking world it is that I live in.

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I will murder you. I will cut you into meaty little chunks. I will feed those chunks to the dogs, and then I will cut the dogs up. When the various woodland animals are finished digesting the remains of your remains, I will fertilise crops with what's left, and then I will cut those crops down. I will .....

Actually, I think I might need some more practice with this.