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I don't get the impression that Phil Fish is a bad guy, but he seems far too unstable to deal with the public, himself. He needs a spokesman, or at least someone who can coach him on how to deal with this properly.

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Also, this would mean that in the time that the PS4 went from 4GB of RAM on the development table to 8GB of RAM, Killzone: SF went from using 512MB for development to 5GB.

Seems sketchy to not make any sense whatsoever, to be sure.

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Closest a game has ever come to representing my hometown country was Folklore.

(which was crazy accurate, by the way)

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Changing all my passwords to "Fuck you, NSA" or something of the sort.

Though, I'll definitely consider not using US based sites where there are alternatives. here I come!

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I have run out of ways to describe my hatred for Dragon Age II. I really wish I knew what the designers were thinking. It almost seems unfathomable...

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I usually just let them blow all of their mana and die. I've long since accepted that it's about the only thing they can do with any sort of consistency.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. When I searched the internet for advice, the best I got was to the effect of "grind until they're so powerful that it doesn't really matter".

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Comic sans was designed as an aliased font to be shipped with Windows 95, because at the time, Windows didn't support anti-aliased fonts.

Unfortunately, it did shortly afterwards and evidently the font didn't translate well. All we think of now are the oversized apertures, undersized eyes, the bad kerning and just terrible weighting altogether.

Or at least I do. If you don't think it looks bad, you have broken eyes.

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Should probably just disappear really.

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Pretty cool. If you've only just started, you seem to be doing quite well. The iris, in particular, is really well done.

I've been trying to do digital art recently, but I haven't been sticking to my studies even nearly enough. Here's a card I drew for my friend a while back. She's a dog lover, obviously. :p

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It seems fairly lazy, to be sure, but to whom is this discussion directed? Everyone already either hates her or just doesn't really care.

The only reason she was so popular with people for a while is because of the sheer opposition she faced. You've created the monster you're complaining about.