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My investigation took 39 days. I had to get the BBB involved. I missed the end of October and I completely missed the month of November. It was easily the most miserable customer service I've ever experienced. I spent countless hours researching UA online, posting on the numerous Neogaf threads and calling support for updates. Everything about this was so confusing and stressful. You have to search the corners of the internet to find people discussing the topic, it seems like most games press isn't taking this Fifa stuff seriously (even going so far to mock the victims). Until it happens to them of course. I hope I don't get attacked again. At this point it doesn't matter to me if it was hacking or phishing, MS' fault, EA's fault or my fault, I'm more concerned about the lack of layered security on Xbox Live Accounts. Xbox needs some 2-step verification asap. And it needs some settings to restrict where my account can be accessed.

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These weapons will be used on my Insanity run.  I'm looking forward to more ME2 DLC.  The Lair of the Shadowbroker can't come soon enough!
I love the Mass Effect series.  Thank you for making Mass Effect play so great, Christina!  Keep in touch with the community!

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 Does this please you, OP?
So much hotter