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It isn't that odd. Valve games are only available on their platform. Plus Ubisoft and EA games can be bought from a number of sources like GMG, Gamersgate, Amazon and more.

The odd thing is that EA and Ubisoft sell each others (new) games on their own proprietary bullshit. This stinks of trying to stick it to Valve and Steam specifically. Unlike Origin though, UPlay is actually worse than getting a virus on your computer.

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Thank you Giant Bomb staff for the letter. I'm not sure when this all became deeply politicized with sensationalist headlining on both extremes.

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Republicans with legitimate concerns about the Government distanced themselves from the ignorance, racism, and sexism in the Tea Bagger movement publicly. Maybe those who use the GamerGate hashtag for actual concerns about the industry should form a new hashtag, or better yet an actual organized effort. You guys lost control of your message very quickly and you guys will never be able to damage control a movement that was born out of Zoe Quinn's personal life.

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Patrick, people who support GamerGate have been sent death threats too. These threats are not isolated to either side, please don't group a whole movement of people who want a positive change in the industry with one bad person.

Ultimately, this entire movement was built on the back of the mass disclosure of someone's sex life. That is unavoidable. This wouldn't exist without a 10,000-word screed about Zoe Quinn and her sex life. You cannot support GamerGate without acknowledging this fact.

Actually, the whole reason the blog post was written was to warn people about the type emotional abuse Zoe had inflicted on Eron (the author). Since that post was made, evidence of journalistic corruption was exposed (that was not related to Zoe) and the narrative shifted.

What evidence of journalistic corruption was exposed? As far as I know, nothing of note has been exposed by gamergate.

This is true, nothing has been uncovered by Gamergate. Not even the Zoe Quinn thing was corruption, as the writer never reviewed her game, and his initial write-up was before any relationship took place. This whole ordeal should have ended right after that, but when confirmation bias takes hold it never lets go.

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@alex is right on the money with Gods will be Watching. It's unfortunate because I found the story up until I gave up to be very compelling, but the game mechanics were trying way too hard to keep me from progressing. Maybe I'm just unlucky to have 3 re-dos in a row because the 1 and 7 RNG chance in chapter 2 decided to always roll 1.

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Basing difficulty on invisible die rolls does not strike me as an ideal way to implement challenge. It discourages learning from trial and error by leaning too heavily on random elements. What the game ideally needed was better puzzle design that didn't require random elements to be challenging.

I felt it actually worked so well precisely because it was random chance - it encouraged the player to be elastic with his moral compass. Once you start getting out of the mindset that you are saving everyone and start cutting corners, the way its puzzles are structured starts making sense.

On its intended difficulty, it's not a game about finding the perfect sequence. It's a game of "where can I compromise my morals to get by and feel the least shitty about it". It clicked to me early on when I made a promise to be sexist and not be aggressive with the female hostage. I ended up finishing that chapter by shooting her in the leg so I wouldn't have to handle both kicking her so she wouldn't get too cocky and negotiating with the SWAT team.

It's kind of brilliant, because most games rarely make your moral choices to be something else than sociopath/saint or Hitler/Stalin, let alone forcing you to be practical about the shit you do. It doesn't appeal to everyone, but to me the choice for the game to be about so many random elements that they make you cut corners to even finish a segment is genius.

I agree with you to an extent, but then you get randomly shot 3-4 times in a row on the first, second, or third round and you basically wasted 2 hours because of RNG.

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Not sure he had to tell everyone the specifics but feel better.

I think if TotalBiscuit having colon cancer is any indication, we shouldn't be grossed out or consider it taboo to talk about or bring awareness to parts of our body that do dirty jobs.

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Wouldn't there be arguing if people thought Dark Souls was an easy game? Or am I too tired to read the headline correctly?

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Would like an invite as well!

IGN: Mangopup

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