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After a few seconds of confusion, I've decided I very much support all of this.

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I really doubt Obsidian could have made New Vegas as a good as it was if Bethesda hadn't made Fallout 3. And honestly I thought the crafting stuff they added and the way factions worked was bad. Really the only thing they did better was the main story. Also NV DLC was average to bad.

I love both but I'm not putting my trust in Obsidian to make a new one without having a base to build from.

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@hatking: People have already mentioned NXT so I'll suggest you go back and watch NXT: Arrival from Feb of last year. It was The First live show to air on the network and its a good place to start with NXT. You could probably watch all four NXT live shows and get caught up on all the current storylines.

The Network can be a bit cumbersome so just look for "NXT TakeOver" in the title.

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People seem very split on the quality of raw last night. Also apparently there is growing dissent between the main roster and NXT. The main roster is pissed about the quality of there matches especially the divas.(not that the bellas could carry a longer match)

I don't believe any of the stuff regarding the main roster and NXT. The last time we heard "NXT's latest show has motivated the main roster to go out and upstage them," we got Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Stairs.

Besides the rumblings that have been reported independently by the Reddit "insider," Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, and Wade Keller, The Bellas themselves said "Why would any of the NXT Divas want to come up to the main roster?"

Is 100% of the main roster discontent? Probably not. But it is safe to say that if people are saying it publicly, and the best reporters are hearing it from some of the talent then it has some kind of legs.

You really have to wonder how many times the phrase "just wait a while longer till hes gone" gets thrown around.

Probably a lot. Then Vince goes out and does something like this.

Jesus. I think at this point Vince is more steroids than human.

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Haven't been following much wrestling on non-PPV weeks so I didn't learn about the Seth Rollins pics until I clicked on an imgur link last night and saw a pretty naked lady and a full mast Rollins. Great way to know its time to end the day.

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I look forward to laughing at the disappointment. Or being surprised. Either works for me.

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Its happening this week right? Right?

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This is beautiful and also I hate you because now I'm thinking about P5 again.

Hopefully Rorie sees it.

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I know everything is so focused on the current product but could some one answer me something, how written is total divas? All the actual divas seem like there characters are ether real or based on reality but eva marie seems 100%staged and fake. Any static she has with divas gets fixed quickly and her family goes from 0 to fucking shitty at the drop of a hat.

95% of it is scripted. Producers tell the Divas what the conflict is and what points they have to hit and its the Divas job to get there in whatever way they like. They have multiple takes if necessary. The 5% thats "real" is the actual words they use.