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@junkboy0: ya even a week later would of been better, this game does look awesome but a movie game (or that's how most people will see it) going up against the biggest game of the year, bad move.

i'd bet any money that this will outsell mgs on opening week. the average joe doesn't even know what mgs is, and this is exactly the kind of game the average joe goes nuts for. it'll have all the hype, all the marketing, all the cod crowd.

it looks solid too.

I don't think you know how popular MGS is.

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Its a terrible game so I hope they don't but as people have mentioned he's said maybe recently. Which is really weird since for a couple months whenever it was brought up he would be completely indifferent towards it or act like he hated it.

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Does any Mario Party allow for more than 4 players? Because I would like to see Mary or Danny join but I also want all four of the GB crew to be in everyone of them.

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kinda fucked up seeing this guy deliver his usual statements on the amoral data collection by the NSA in a comedic context w/ laugh tracks. like really fucked up.

the part where everyone confused him for the wikileaks founder man... that was rough. he was wincing more than smiling.

I don't think its fucked up. Its just another way of getting the info out.

Thats not a laugh track btw. Its the live audience.

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@logan528: AJ being on LU wouldn't work. Mostly because she isn't, and never was a good wrestler. She was fine for a WWE Diva, but putting her in with Sexy Star or Ivelisse would expose the shit out of her.

Bullshit. Its not her fault she was wasted on matches with Aksana, Eva, Cameron, the Bella Twins, or whatever other garbage they set her up with. When they paired her with someone who was well-rounded (Natty) or someone who at least had one strong trait (Naomi, Kaitlyn) they put on some great matches.

Her last 8-ish months have been subpar but I'll still love her for being the lone beacon of hope in WWE for years and for being one of the few women who was good on the mic.

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Paige, Rollins, Xavier, and Bryan playing Gang Beasts. Only thing missing is GB and Mary Kish.

Did not expect Bryan would be so good at Gang Beasts.

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@conmulligan Thank you for the support, really. That nobody even tried to answer me just show how most don't care about how other can feel and just want to say anything they want.

@krullban What a childish answer. You don't know how people can react to something, you have no idea what they lived before, why would you say that to anybody.

When I was a kid two people in my life tried to commit suicide, one of them was successful, the other is doing much better now. I also experienced a ton of racism going to a 95% white school. These subjects being touched upon in movies, TV, or games have at times really affected me but that doesn't mean "Trigger Warnings" need to be applied to everything. Not only is it not the worlds responsibility to look out for me, but these subjects are meant to elicit an emotional response from you. Adding warnings would defeat that purpose.

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ESPN is going to air an E:60 NXT special on 5/5. Looks awesome.

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