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@theht said:

Pretty nice way to end the show though. Finishing the Whistleblower DLC. Love that ending.

They still had soooo many games to play... : (

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@arach666 said:

Well,all that means is that they may keep all those other shows but just not do them live,doesn´t mean everything else is gonna go away I think.

They get most of the views from the videos posted to the site and on youtube anyway.

The question was "What other shows are going?" so I'm pretty sure it means they are all gone.

Also I just realized you could read this as "all live" as in still alive. But I can't imagine The Lobby getting canceled and the Skyrim Mod show continuing.

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Only The Lobby and Now Playing remain.

I can't explain how sad House of Horrors going away makes me. Zorine and Jess playing horror games is literally the reason I visit Gamespot every week.

Edit: P.S. If you wanna watch the last episode of House of Horrors live, its about to start over at

Edit2: Live show over. RIP House of Horrors. Never Forget.

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This is a feeling more and more like a work with every new headline/tweet.

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So Del Rio gets fired because he slapped a PR guy who said something casually racist? If the PR guy wasn't also fired thats pretty fucked up.

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If you want EPL games make sure your cable/sat package has NBC Sports Network. They have the TV rights. Fox Sports 1 will start airing the Bundesliga next year if you're interested. They also have the rights to Champions League games. Be prepared to hate all Fox Sports soccer coverage, they are the worst, NBC and ESPN are much better, NBC being the best.

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@drx25 said:

Q: Is heel Paige good?

A: No, she's great.

Just watched this segment on Smackdown and I still can't believe how much better Paige is as a heel. I knew she worked better when she had a little edge to her but she's a natural at being an obnoxious shitbag.

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@mocbucket62: Besides the fact that he's black? (jk, but only kinda...) He's 37.

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Man seeing Punk look super happy is awesome. Looking forward to his return in a year or two.

Not related: Can you "unflag" a post? Because I'm pretty sure I flagged like two posts on accident scrolling through the thread.