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If you want EPL games make sure your cable/sat package has NBC Sports Network. They have the TV rights. Fox Sports 1 will start airing the Bundesliga next year if you're interested. They also have the rights to Champions League games. Be prepared to hate all Fox Sports soccer coverage, they are the worst, NBC and ESPN are much better, NBC being the best.

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@drx25 said:

Q: Is heel Paige good?

A: No, she's great.

Just watched this segment on Smackdown and I still can't believe how much better Paige is as a heel. I knew she worked better when she had a little edge to her but she's a natural at being an obnoxious shitbag.

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@mocbucket62: Besides the fact that he's black? (jk, but only kinda...) He's 37.

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Man seeing Punk look super happy is awesome. Looking forward to his return in a year or two.

Not related: Can you "unflag" a post? Because I'm pretty sure I flagged like two posts on accident scrolling through the thread.

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@recspec said:

Totally on board for the CM Punk/Brock Lesnar bait and switch tonight.

Punk is doing red carpet work for AXS at the same time RAW is on tonight so no real chance for a bait and switch.

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I hope Summer and Dolph still happens. They were practically made for each other. Great way to end that story though, but if it means less Fandango on TV I will be very sad.

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@djm389 said:

Thanks to everyone for their opinions on AJ Lee, especially to @manhattan_project: for the videos he (or she or a third gender, like, I dunno... can Rhodesdust just be considered a gender at this point?) suggested.

After watching those matches and seeing her team up with Paige last night, I am on the pro-AJ train. The skipping and cutseyness is always going to bug me, but I am also a humongous Bayley fan, so I will own up to being a complete hypocrite. It would be great if AJ and Paige teamed up to take down everyone else, but I'll be cautious in my hope. Though, am I crazy or has their been a distinct split for the women in the last few shows? It seems like the recent RAWs and MitB both focused on the two aspects of the woman's division in the WWE proper seperately: wrestling (all things AJ or Paige related) and Diva wackiness (Summer Rae is mad at the other lady! Nikki Bella is mad that her clone was totally fired for really no good reason! Cameron is mad because she is a jerk!). I know that the annoying Diva stuff will probably never truly go away, but it would be great if they just all out separated that stuff from the actual wrestling. Heck, Naomi could do both! I actually like watching her wrestle and her Diva character of "I'm a Diva who kind of hates the fact I'm a Diva" is a welcomed change of pace from loud mouthed "women be crazy" stereotypes.

Anyway though, I need to repeat that I am a huge hypocrite on urging quality over fluff, since my ideal WWE spin-off would be a CBS police procedural where Dean Ambrose and Bayley team up to solve crimes in which ever town the WWE is currently performing at. Ironically, 80% of the crimes end up being committed by Dean Ambrose.

The other 20% also end up being committed by Dean Ambrose.

You're welcome and I can confirm that I am indeed a Rhodesdust.

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I've been watching on-and-off for the past few months so I'm not sure, is it acceptable for Damien Sandow to be my favorite?

Edit: Also, can I like (the?) Miz? As far as I can tell, he's pretty much Johnny Cage.

Shithead Miz can be great, face Miz on the other hand is intolerable. And yes, Sandow is fantastic. He's doing miracles with the bullshit they give him.

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Soooo I just heard about/saw three seconds of that Seth Rollins/Tyler Black fetish video.... um someone hold me and tell me it will be alright.

Also saw the Dean Ambrose one... that was not as bad, more hilarious than anything else.

Has any of this been posted here? Can it be posted here? Its all on Youtube, as far as I know no nudity.

Edit: How did I make it so far into my wrestling fandom obsession without knowing fetish wrestling existed?