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Second match for AJ since returning is against fucking Eva Marie!? I want you guys to know that I hate what I'm about to say, but who that fuck did Eva sleep with to make it on TV? Seriously, not even the jobbers on NXT are anywhere near this terrible. And she's been this way for over a year!

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@izunadrop: Powerbombcast requires a lot more time, and they need to get Giancarlo and Jared, so scheduling is an issue. Alex is probably busy with Giant BEAST as well.

I tweeted Ryckert about it and he said next week.

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OMG WTF I leave the internet for a few hours and EMMA GETS RELEASED?!?!


I can't understate how much this saddens me. Her matches on NXT with Paige and Bayley and Sasha were great and some of the best matches of the past year. Fuck.

This better be a VISA issue or mark my word WWE, I'll be very mad and still keep watching... assholes.

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Thats stupid. Just let everyone compete in the same league. In actual sports men and women aren't mixed because the physical abilities are drastically in favor of the men, the same can't be said (correct me if I'm wrong) about mental capabilities.

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Just wanted to say that after all the hubub today, Dan ryker is the Dave Bastista of giant bomb. That man put butts in seats!

BTW congrats Dan and Jason and welcome!


So everyones gonna hate him until the last two weeks before he leaves at which point we'll all realize he was just starting to hit his stride?

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@xite said:

It just makes me miss JR. Imagine how much more of a legitimate threat Luke Harper would seem if the commentators weren't wondering how often he does his laundry.

The thing that I can't tell, ever, is how much of that kind of talk is the commentators and how much of it is Vince yelling at them telling them exactly what to say. Because when I look back at the times that JBL was doing guest commentary, he was such a better announcer and seemed so much more legitimate and insightful. Then he came on full time and he took this hard swing to being an insufferable heel commentator that barely cares about what's even going on. So it makes me wonder, and I question how much those guys are to blame and how much of the blame should be falling on Vince's head.

Vince has to take at least 90% of the blame. If you can find some of the sat feeds of Raw and SmackDown, you can hear how much Vince pesters them to keep plugging the app or to mention Cena even more, on one SmackDown he has Cole call Summer (maybe it was Layla?) kissing Fandango like three times because he hates the word "kiss" for some fucking reason.

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@octaslash: But the people you're defending are the ones who shit on Giant Bomb's floor.

Not really. They're lashing out after having smelled the shit that the more toxic parts of Giant Bomb produced. Have you ever seen a comment section on this website with any content involving Leigh Alexander? It's fucking disgusting.

So that's why we'll never see her on Bombin' the A.M... fuck! She's one of the best (if not the best) video game critic around right now, and we're rejecting her because of a stupid moment on an E3 bombcast 5 years ago!

People hate Leigh because she went on the E3 show and acted like an asshole. And after a few days it was over and everything went back to normal. Ryan invited her back the next year so that everyone could put it completely behind them. Except she did pretty much the exact same thing AGAIN. This time however, the morning after, she went on a twitter rant and basically labeled the entire GB community sexist assholes who only hated her because she was a girl, even though Carrie Gouskos was also on the E3 show (multiple times) and everyone loved her.

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The problem I have is both of the new guys sound that same so I have no clue which of them is talking half the time.

I don't think they will both be on every bombcast. I would guess mostly just Dan.

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Saw this on r/SquaredCircle. So maybe it was just a misunderstanding? I hope this is true.