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At first when I read the thread title, I thought we were talking about the Pre-Sequel, but the idea that Patrick Warburton is in Tales From the Borderlands has me infinitely more invested in the upcoming game than I already was. HOLY SHIT DAY 1 BUY

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Patrick Stewart, no!

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Old Joseph & Lisa Lisa are the best DLC characters. For your health.

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cant wait to beat the shit out of little kids

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This is great. Keep it rollin' baby.

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I second the Brad Muir vote. Even though he works at Double Fine and it'd never happen in a million years, it'd still be totally cool.

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I feel like that if the developer put enough time and thought for their joke to deem it fit to put it into their game, then they shouldn't need to censor what they made. You don't just insert a picture of a burning child into a video game without considering it. Everything is going to be offensive to somebody, it's up to the person to decide when to start and stop censorship.

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Yeah, no shit the psychologically insane asshole is going to be annoying. I get that. That's why Deadpool doesn't bother me. He is designed to be that way. In fact, he's pretty funny in Cable and Deadpool.

Tiny Tina is just Ashly Burch: The character. An adaptation of her own unfunny writing, only in Borderlands 2 because of her brother's connections into Gearbox. That's the most astounding part of it all. That if Burch were related to anyone else, Tiny Tina wouldn't be in Borderlands.

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My first character in a 4e campaign was an Inspiring Warlord, so I'd really love to play as one of those. Hopefully it would be a mix of the Guardian Fighter and the Cleric that's already in the game. Worst case scenario, it'd be a poorly done Cleric remodel.

Also, playing as a Monk would be pretty bad-ass.

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I used to be an exclusively hot Pop Tarts guy, but then I ended up getting really lazy all the time and started eating it raw. Like its some sort of salmon. Both types are fine, though.