Thoughts on preqels that face the phantom-menace dillema

After watching most of the (many, many) trailers for deus ex human revolution, I'm even more conflicted on the game being a prequel. I think they could've/should've just made it a reboot/sequel. Everything looks really high tech. In the original deus ex computers and keypads were almost retro, and very lowtech looking. It will be interesting to see how they tie this game into the original(s). I'm wondering if it will be the same melange of every conspiracy theory imaginable that was the original game, or if they will go for a different, maybe less far-fetched, angle.


Deus Ex V Alpha Protocol

Played a certain way, Deus Ex seems to accomplish everything Alpha Protocol attempts and fails. In Deus Ex there are missions where you don't have to fight, where your only objective is gathering intel, like on the hell's kitchen level. Though I have not played a ton of alpha protocol, my initial impressions of the spy/intrigue/espionage setting/story reminded me of deus ex in a lot of ways. I think deus ex may have had some influence on alpha protocol.