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I liked the layout of the world in Dark Souls 1 more, the way everything was interconnected with a bunch of different paths--the world felt very dense. In Dark Souls 2, I think some areas look great, in terms of art and architecture, but the overall layout of the world is different: it felt more like a central hub, Majula, with a bunch of paths branching of in different directions, sometimes interconnecting, but more often not. In terms of the overall game, I like them both quite a bit. I think they improved a lot in terms of UI and game mechanics in DS2, but they are both fantastic games. Still haven't played the DLC for 2, which from the little bit I've seen, seems to add quite a bit to the game.

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Hi. Serious question: what game is the screenshot (of what looks to be some kind of gate) for this story on the main page from? Is that Quake? Thanks. Keep up the good work!

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Wow! I got the last code. Thanks GIANT BOMB and ORIGIN! Merry Christmas!

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PC game from the mid 90s. On the box there was a picture of a vortex or something with a guy falling into it. I think there might have been a sequel.

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What happens when you have to use the "sticks" and the buttons at the same time? The button placement seems awkward.

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Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. That is a very nice tribute.

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So many moments full of laughter and fun. But one of my favorites was the glitched, flying car in the Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake quick look. Ryan's reaction to unexpected, dumb, and spontaneous things was always the best: right after 13:30

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Thanks Ryan. For the laughter, for everything.

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Good luck with everything, Duder!!! You were an awesome part of the giant bomb community, and I will miss watching you and Vinny play random PC games.