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Wow! I got the last code. Thanks GIANT BOMB and ORIGIN! Merry Christmas!

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PC game from the mid 90s. On the box there was a picture of a vortex or something with a guy falling into it. I think there might have been a sequel.

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What happens when you have to use the "sticks" and the buttons at the same time? The button placement seems awkward.

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Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. That is a very nice tribute.

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So many moments full of laughter and fun. But one of my favorites was the glitched, flying car in the Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake quick look. Ryan's reaction to unexpected, dumb, and spontaneous things was always the best: right after 13:30

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Thanks Ryan. For the laughter, for everything.

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Good luck with everything, Duder!!! You were an awesome part of the giant bomb community, and I will miss watching you and Vinny play random PC games.

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Is there a video of the keynote on the internet somewhere?

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@Stimpack said:

It's also been over a decade for me, and I don't recall it. Interestingly enough I seem to recall a good amount of everything else, though.

Also I just want to throw this in here for some reason.

Wow! This brings back memories. That song is actually the only thing I remember from those movies . . . saw them when I was like five. Also, was the guy on the sled pulled by bunnies in the hobbit book? I don't remember that part at all.