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I can't believe it... Condolences to Ryans Family, Friends and anybody who had their life impacted by his presence. I did not know Ryan personally, but I have been following his and the rest of the crews antics since the Gamespot days... Much too young to leave us. Thank you Ryan for all the years of joy that only you and the GiantBomb crew can bring. R.IP.

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Hi there. I think I will have to step down from working on this game entirely. A music project that I am involved with seems to be moving ahead faster than I had anticipated. I wish you all the best with this endeavor!

Also apologies for answering the phone last meeting and leaving the meeting early, but it was an important call. irrelevant now I guess.

Best of luck... I look forward to playing the finished game.

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@Link43130 said:

How much will another one of those controllers cost, I wonder.

775,000,000! Haha! Ummm... so where did I put that noose?

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PSN= supermegamanic

just started playing yesterday so am still playing through the single player... will dive into the multi soon as I wrap it up! :)

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@drowsap said:

This might be to little to late. to bad 38 studios

TOO!!... buddy it's too, not to!.... TOO little TOO late! and TOO bad!... Haha! The grammar Nazi strikes again!!

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Yeah I never had the same affinity for double fine that many do... and I have been very cynical about kickstarter, but yeah similar to you after watching the videos and reading the info about the game and their aims for it I said to myself I would back them once they got over 300,000 and they did... it was over 525,000 last I checked!

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It sure did! Over 525,000 as of this reply! Glad it will be funded!

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And there we go 507,000 down with 6 hours to go! Boom! time to celebrate! who will be watching the Livestream? 8 days ago they were just over 150,000... with a monumental task of achieving 500,000 by today.. but in the last week there has been a real swell in support for the project down in part to current backers efforts of spreading the word about a game they believe in!

Who here has heard of, and or funded the game? anybody not heard of it yet?

here is the link check it out

only about 6 hours left if you want to support the game and get in on one of the most remarkable Kickstarter comebacks yet!


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@bonorbitz said:

@TheBrainninja said:

I feel sorry for the guy, but he picked the wrong pitch at the wrong time; I hope he can make his game and establish a reputation for himself. Because really, that's the main capital on Kickstarter - no one would've backed the DFA if it weren't for, well, DOUBLE FIIIIIIIIIINE, and I certainly wouldn't have backed Republique if it weren't for Ryan Payton and all of the information they put out about the project.

Holy shit, I think Republique is actually going to make it! Awesome.

yeah fingers crossed!'s gonna be close... but hey... hey... KEEPHOPEALIVE!

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@Drebin_893 said:

Fuck iOS.

Windows 7 or Android then I'm guessing? :)

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