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I always have a bunch of good ideas for video games buzzing around in my head. But I'll never be able to make them into real games. Should I write down my ideas anyway?

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - I didn't hear good things about it so I just had to "go against the naysayers". Turns out they were right.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - The reverse of what I said about Warrior Within. I actually heard good things about this game and rented it. I can't say that it's "bad" because I didn't really play it much. It's just not my type of game.

WoW - Tried the free trial and just didn't like it. I just can't get into those types of games.

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Hello. I don't want to disturb the flow of this forum with a noobish question but before I buy a PS3, I'd like to know if I'd like this game or not. Here is some info about me:

1. I love superheroes. Oddly enough I don't read comics but I watch superhero movies, animated series, animated movies and I even play superhero themed card games.

2. I like action games such as - Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, God of War, Devil May Cry, (some) Dynasty Warriors, Lego Batman, X-Men Legends, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance etc.

3. I don't mind grinding to level up or get new items. I actually find it kinda fun.

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The tweets either have something to do with some backstage politics and Adam was letting off some steam or he's finally starting to lose it. I doubt it's the Sony thing because he was talking about quitting and being ashamed of the industry. It would have to had been something more extreme.

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I love Post-Apocalyptic lore. The whole idea of fighting for survival in a broken civilization with factions and building a resistance to those in power just seems so cool. I'll wait for the obligatory joke about how we're almost at that point.

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Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I think I'll go with The Orange Box. It has Portal and some other games that I'll enjoy as well.

Ive tried to get my mom to play games before, and it's hilarious because she cannot grasp the concept of analog sticks. Also, watching her try to play LA noire was just a fantastic thing to watch (lots of vehicular manslaughter)

I tried to get my mom to play Gears of War 3 once. She kept getting stuck on the walls. Kinda reminding me of my first time playing a Gears game.

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My mother has a hard time playing games with Twin Stick Control and I was wondering if there were any games that could help her get the hang of using them.

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As a huge superhero fan and animation fan, I have to admit that this is a tough question to answer. They are both a part of my childhood/teenhood and they both have their pros and cons. I'll have to go with... X-Men Evolution but only by an inch or so. I like the storylines and I'm all for stories about people who are different and have to struggle with and take on discrimination.

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I hate it. It's too silly and too anime-y. The 2003 series is still the best IMO.

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LOL. Nah, it's definitely ManicRaider.