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@deegee said:

I don't watch anything with Patrick in unless I'm desperately bored. It doesn't help that he keeps doing Solo quick looks either. There's nothing interesting about one man doing a quick look all by himself.

Same here.

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most streamers listen to stuff like spotify. Well most of the ones I follow do.

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Nice blog bro.

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welp time to leave this planet.

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What are they?

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Congratulations you have won a a free Jeff Gerstmann!

Please enter you mailing address and Jeff Gerstmann will be on his way!

Are you ready?!?

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FPS genre is dead

wRPG devs are nostalgia panhadlers

DMC franchise is in comatose state

Silent Hill franchise is dead

Resident Evil franchise has all depth of a third person cowadoody clone

Tak Fujii endures daily doses of poison

Ken Levine is heralded as gaming's Orson Welles

gaming press doesn't exist anymore

Team Ico is near-disbanded

RTS genre will never escape Blizzard's clutches

Diablo franchise is dead

f2p is here to stay morphing into more sinister lifeforms

gaming is being cut into bits and gibs and chunks and being fed to relentless army of credit card wielding gamers

independent game devs are kissing the feet of prominent youtubers and streaming personalities

Dota clones are the most popular competitive games in the world

Id software is creativelly bankrupt

Kickstarter will die as soon as Chris Roberts and Psychonauts guy trot out their scammy products

People are happy to pay to play alpha version of games; it's allowed to sell products that are not even half done

Happy New Year. -_-

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thats what happens when you drive fast and furious