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"The team at Ensemble has made invaluable contributions to the games industry with their Age of Empires and Age of Mythology games and with the highly anticipated release of Halo Wars," the publisher said in a statement. "This decision does not reflect at all on Ensemble’s talent or the quality of Halo Wars--in fact, many people who have had a chance to test drive Halo Wars agree that it is on track to being a fantastic game."

Though Microsoft will close the studio, Ensemble brass plan to soldier on. As part of today's statement, the studio said that "the leadership team" will form a new development house, and has already entered into an agreement with Microsoft to continue supporting Halo Wars post-launch, "as well as work on other projects with Microsoft Game Studios."

Commenting on the reason for the closure, Microsoft said, "This was a fiscally rooted decision that keeps MGS on its growth path. While the decision to dissolve Ensemble was not an easy one, Microsoft is working to place as many Ensemble employees who do not move to the newly formed studio into open positions within Microsoft as possible."

There goes my dreams of AOM2 :(

Story 1

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Blah, I would have rather them put out some new co-op/single player stuff.

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Sunday Games:

DET               CIN
SEA                NYJ
NE                  TB
PHI                 HOU
JAC                 DAL
SD                   SF

Monday Night Football:

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While I would not say his speech was a joke I really can't complement it either I'm not going to be in the country when the election happens anyway.
Have fun voting for one of these 2 bums!

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It has nothing to do with Vista or anything MS sells but it gave me a good laugh

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shadows_kill said:
"zityz said:
"The Resistance 2 Box art reminds me of the Fable 2 box art."
and fable lost chapters(i forget if thats the name for it) but it was a new version of the 1st one

500th post :D"
Yea, I was about to say that
Lost chapters

Fable 2
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The guy just wanted to get easy points.

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Do you mean online?

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Renegade_v2 said:
"ManMadeGod said:
"Renegade_v2 said:
"ManMadeGod said:
"Riddler said:
"Holy shit.............i feel bad for ManMadeGod right now..........

renegade almost fucking wrote a book up there. Have fun reading that and fighting over it. im off to play some Halo"
He copied and pasted that stuff from all over the place:
Google parts of it and you will see the sites he got it from."

and..............your point?

you asked why i didnt like McCain. and i posted a few of the reasons. you want more? or are you out of excuses for voting for that inbred trailer trash already?

Like, come on dude. I enjoy talking to people like Patchinko who are able to state what THEY think. But you just copy & pasted stuff. Why can't you tell me, in your own words, why you don't like him? Do you really expect me to read a bunch of quotes from senators?"

so....since you cant prove any of those things i listed wrong, youre not gonna reply and instead avoid them cause theyre "not my words"?? umm you asked reasons bro, i gave them. If you cant face the facts dont try to argue in the first place."
I glanced at it and all i saw was senators talking about stuff McCain has said. Thats' why you don't like him? You're a senator? To me, it looks like you have no clue what is going on so you just copied and pasted stuff you could find.
But fine, I'll read it at another time and post a reply later.