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The reason I have no been able to get behind GG is that I simply do not have strong feelings towards the gaming press. Youtube/Twitch has made the vast majority of these websites irrelevant imo, so if [insert gaming website] wants to write a dumb article, then I'm not going to get upset. Chances are I don't visit their website anyway.

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Being waiting for this version of Wolf Among Us for 12 months now, since it was announced last October. Game better be good.

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Maybe its already been beaten into the ground, but are they skipping Windows 9?

Yup. The idea is that this is such an improvement from 8, that it's not just Windows 9. This is 2 generations ahead. More than anything it creates buzz and free marketing around the product, as people want to see why they skipped 9.

This is the company that decided to call their third Xbox "Xbox One".

And came up with the Xbox 360 aka 360 degrees of entertainment, the entire package, the one device that does it all. And to think people are getting paid big money to create this stuff.

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Maybe its already been beaten into the ground, but are they skipping Windows 9?

Yup. The idea is that this is such an improvement from 8, that it's not just Windows 9. This is 2 generations ahead. More than anything it creates buzz and free marketing around the product, as people want to see why they skipped 9.

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I think what they have shown so far for Windows 10 is great, and I will be upgrading my Win7 device with it.

Windows 8 is fine, and has better boot times and is less resource intensive than 7, which is great for laptops. At this point I would say stick with 7 and upgrade to 10 next year, since it looks to be better than Windows 7/8 is just about every way.

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As far as being a Nazi, I am saying that looking at the general political ideologies of many Republicans they tend to fall in line with the Nazi stances on many of those issues. The thing is that the Nazis' fiscal policies don't follow modern conservative/liberal lines. They had policies that today would be considered borderline communist, and ones that would be considered borderline libertarian. So really neither party can be considered a less extreme Nazi. But when most people think of Nazis they are thinking of social policies not fiscal policies and in that sense The Republican party is for all intents and purposes a nationalist party just like the Nazis. Their stances on immigration and keeping the purity of the American people is all but identical to the comments being made by Neo Nazi movements across Europe today and by Hitler in the 1930's. The heavy focus on military development and use of fear as a means of control also falls in line with Nazi policies. They mainly differentiate themselves when it comes to certain socialist matters. The Nazis made use of a lot of national support programs that the Republicans absolutely would not support. Now the thing is that these days the Republican Party is almost a coalition of two different parties. There is a massive difference between the fiscal conservatives you find in the Northeast and Midwest, and the social conservatives you find in the Southeast, Texas, and Arizona. The former are absolutely nothing like Nazis. The latter are the group that I think resemble Nazis to a frightening degree in regards to certain social beliefs.

Don't want to derail this thread and talk about American politics, so I will just say this and leave:

  1. Citizens United had to do with the court's interpretation of the 1st amendment.
  2. Being nationalistic is not inherently racist.
  3. When most people think of the Nazis they think of genocide. The Republicans in no way support genocide.
  4. I have never seen a major Republican talk about "keeping the nation pure". In fact their national platform supports reform for increasing the number of educated immigrants into the United States. The party does take a hard stance against illegal immigration (while actually doing nothing about it while Bush was President), with the most radical among them looking to built a giant wall on the boarder while deporting illegals. Contrast this with Germany in the 1940s which looked to purge those deemed un-german by building a complex system of death camps. Again, you can not compare the two. At all. Go on youtube and watch clips of Hitler talking about the jews and then watch a clip of.......... john boehner. I'm not sure how you gained this opinion but, it seems pretty far off from reality.
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You cannot compare the Republicans with the Swedish Democrats. SD again and again have scandals because their party members do everything from wearing nazi symbols to writing on racist forums. SD is like the Tea Party faction maybe. Except they are in many way socialists. Nationalists and socialists in one...almost like they are nationalsocialists. I hope we are not heading in the same direction as Germany in the 30's, we are far from it still but I fear it.

They still didn't win the election, they have 13% but unlike in the US where the winnes takes all they get enough seats in the parlament to prevent either the left wing or right wing alliances to reach the 50% needed for anything to pass through parlament.

In the US what you wear as a politician can quite literally ruin your career. I can assure you that quite a few Republicans from specific areas support a majority of Nazi beliefs. Really outside of the Republican party being about as pro-Jew as you are going to see in a government outside of Israel they tend to lean a lot closer to Nazis than to most modern Western governments on many issues. I mean in Arizona where many of the most extreme Republicans originate police can legally stop a person driving down the road and arrest them just because they happen to look Latino. That is called racism and it is legal and supported by most Arizona voters. You should take a look at the current protests in a town called Ferguson where a cop shot an unarmed man who was just walking down the street six times in the back just because he was black. As of now he has not been reprimanded at all. Republicans don't wear Swastikas because Nazis are evil. Why are they evil? Most Americans couldn't tell you even the most basic list of their actions. But Nazis are evil and wearing a Nazi symbol means you are evil. It's about as simple as it gets here. The actual politics and beliefs of the Nazis are entirely irrelevant.

And the US Congress isn't set up differently than a parlament as far as factions taking control of the government. You need a majority vote to pass any law. The thing is that due to the difficulty in getting a new party recognized on a national level, we've had the same two parties vying for control of the government since the second World War. And just recently the Republicans shoved through a change to campaign legislation that lets businesses essentially sponsor politicians. When you have a multi-billion dollar corporation paying for your TV-ads no small party has a chance. Hence why our Congress has an approval level of something like 10% yet in the election in November I would bet at least 70% of current congressmen retain their positions.

So trust me when I say that I sincerely wish only 13% of our government was made up of Neo-Nazi racists, and that I wish we had enough parties that coalitions had to be made to force some degree of compromise.

To be clear, your point about Latino's being arrested because they are Latino is 100% false. You think a court is going to uphold that arrest? And what does the Ferguson cop have to do with the Republican party!? As for the campaign legislation, are you talking about the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United? How can the Republicans shove through legislation when they don't control the senate or white house? Unless you're talking about some state law? And what does that have to do with nazis?

It's amazing that people buy into this "Republicans are Nazis!! Obama is a Nazi!" stuff. Stop it. Please God, stop it.

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It's rare that I pay full price for a non-nintendo game. New games drop down to $30/40 relatively quickly now a days.

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If you go back and read what people said about the iPod when it was first shown off (link), it's the same stuff we heard about the Apple Watch/iPad (and to an extent the iPhone):

-I don't get it

-We already have something like this

-over priced

-I would rather use my old tech (someone actually name drops the walk-men in the thread above)

The biggest announcement yesterday was Apple Pay. The watch isn't going to be out until their retail deals are in place and ready to accept payments via the watch. That's the big move here.

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I'm sure the owners will lose in court.

My soon to be retired father is an executive at his company and he doesn't bother fighting unemployment claims anymore, he just pays up. The courts in New York are so heavily biased against companies it's shocking. No joke, he has documented employees coming to work heavily intoxicated MULTIPLE TIMES and they win unemployment. The unions fight for every worker, even those that show up late 20+ days in a 2 month period. It's disgusting. Running your own business in America is not all it's cracked up to be, and some wonder why "mom and pop" shops are going under in favor of mega corporations like Wal-Mart.