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Well match of the night goes to Shield vs Evolution as the Shield continues to steal the show. The rest of the show was pretty good. Worst match of the night was the Diva's match but that isn't surprising.

It's the divas match. They don't get to run in worst match of the night because they are always the worst. I missed the cesaro match so I can't comment, but over all I found the show boring and all of the spots felt really flat to me. That Kane and the fire table thing at the end looked like it might have been cool, but it looked like they ran out putting the fire extinguishers on him before he even hit the thing. Then that one guy kept spraying him even long after the fire was out and he was trying to get back into the ring. That whole match just felt comical instead of brutal. Which seemed to be the theme of the night to me. Nothing about the PPV seemed extreme. But I guess that's shame on me for thinking it would be otherwise in the age of PG WWE.

WWE has been PG for 5 and a half years.

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I'm actually pretty excited for Extreme Rules. The line up turned out better than I thought it would a few weeks ago.

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Okay folks, see you in 2015 for the next US Champ title defense.

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I'm calling it:

WiiU slim ships with no tablet for $199.

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Rogue web scrappers you say? The internet is the wild wild west..........

It looks like the page numbers are the only thing broken on a lot of these threads - they aren't showing all of them. If you directly change the URL in your address bar, you can get to pages beyond what is listed as the last page.

For example, the Box Office Winners thread mentioned by @aegon shows seven pages, but:

I am having this issue as well on more than one topic.

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And so it begins again. Here is to another ~7,000 posts of wrestling content.

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@seppli said:


That was the greatest thing I've ever seen!

If you just press the same button, like xxxxx or yyyyyy or xxxx or yyyy......... you be sucked.

But the best part has to be the silent hill guy standing RIGHT behind the other speaker. No idea what is going on there. It's an awesome train wreck.

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I love the conferences. I rest my case:

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The music really gives it a halo vibe, but overall I think the game looks great. Co-op play is going to be a must.